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Top 10 Flat Die Manufacturers

Sep. 20, 2023

Top 10 flat die manufacturers.

The reverse side of the ring mold of the sawdust particle machine has failed and has good wear resistance. It removes dust from the inner wall of the ring mold and promotes the refrigeration and cooling of the sawdust particle machine.

The material guide port of the mold hole should have a roughness of about 50mm, and special attention must be paid to using a conical pressure roller ring mold, which must be made of a harder material.

The ring mold has a small pore size, with a roughness of up to 200. The ring mold only needs 2-6mm, and the small pore size can be sliced to speed up use. The length can pass through a single axis bolt screen, improving the granulation effect.

The smoothness of the mold hole is generally 200 × 100/min, some ring molds adopt advanced heat treatment processes, which have the following advantages.

flat die

When washing and drilling the mold, due to the small size of the mold hole, it is recommended to use a multi-purpose oil ring mold for the ring mold to improve the wear resistance of the particle machine, mainly improving the hardness of the particles.

When washing and drilling molds, due to the selection of materials, we mainly focus on wood chips, straw, wood chips, cotton stems, branches, edible mushroom waste, and other raw materials that do not require printing. We can reduce costs appropriately to reduce the pressure on paper making.

The material and finished product indicators can be selected based on the quality of the material, with a direct compression ratio to reduce the wear of the mold and pressure rod, and reduce the service life of the mold.

When the particle forming equipment and raw material particle size and materials are precise, the following different types of particle machines can be selected to meet the production requirements of different raw materials.

The particle forming machine has strong adaptability to materials and can adapt to the shaping of various biomass raw materials, and the produced particles have better quality. However, due to various chemical components of additives or feeders, productivity should be increased and usage costs should be reduced.

For different types of raw materials, particle forming machines should be selected to protect animals and improve production efficiency.

For granular materials, if different requirements are found during the incoming inspection, more difficult equipment should be selected to reduce wear on each mold plate, increase the time for storing fewer materials, and reduce energy consumption.

The particle machine compensates for its own quality, improves economic benefits, and has good economic and social benefits.

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