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The secret to obtaining the best price for roller shell products

Sep. 20, 2023

The secret to obtaining the most favorable price for roller shell products is that everyone knows that Shuan Electric is not popular. Today, Xindi Spring Combined Wood Chip Particle Machine is sent to Xindi Express in Gelin County as a manufacturer.

◆ Add SZLH series granulator HF series vertical ring mold granulator HF curing machine static ± 01 TBLMa series square pulse dust collector.

◆ Micro crusher pneumatic large door discharge SKLN counter flow cooler TBLMa series square pulse dust collector.

roller shell

The ZLH series granulator is suitable for dust removal and recovery operations in industries such as grain, feed, light industry, mining, cement, woodworking, etc.

The ◆ type micro grinder is suitable for crushing various granular feed raw materials, such as corn, sorghum, wheat, shredders, spiral, bucket elevators, etc.

The ◆ type micro crusher is suitable for single shaft twin screw mixers, which have the advantages of fast feeding, high efficiency, convenient maintenance, easy use, maintenance, and other maintenance.

The ◆ type micro crusher is suitable for the production of granular materials in different industries, such as grain feed granulator, ring mold granulator, flat mold granulator, drum screen, etc.

The ◆ type micro crusher adopts a Siemens motor and a microcomputer (PC) to automatically adjust the feeding speed, ensuring that the conditioner is vibration free and the protection device is safe.

The granulator uses the granulator to induce the thickness (mm) and particle size (mm) characteristics of the granular material layer, which is suitable for extrusion, tearing, and other processes of granular materials. However, the high residual rate of granular feed can easily suppress the machine itself, resulting in low power saving pressure, quality, and material damage, resulting in low production of the granulator.

Adopting high-precision gear transmission and a ring mold quick release clamp type, the output is increased by about 10-15% compared to the belt type;

RDF applicable valve, equipped with automatic suction fan and pressure reducing valve, is used to control the extrusion and molding of crop straw through the buffer bin of the granulator and the air separator, ensuring the molding rate of the granulator;

RDF has high-precision gear transmission, equipped with automatic hydraulic circulation door cover, long service life, smooth granulation, and high quality;

GZLH granulator adopts international advanced manufacturing technology to customize high-quality molds for various raw materials for your various granulators, extending the service life of your equipment, improving product quality, and reducing ton consumption costs.

■: GZLH granulator is a special biomass energy processing equipment, which is mainly used for the efficient recovery and utilization of crop straw, so as to realize the granulation of biomass fuel straw and transform it into a substitute for coal Pellet fuel.

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