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Where will the Wind Blow in the ring die Industry

Sep. 19, 2023

Where will the wind blow in the ring die industry? Triangular or circular running wheels can maintain high efficiency and accuracy at more than ten ends.

The triangular belt drives the material through the belt to the filling mechanism, and drives the grease through the belt to ensure the formability and diameter of the particles, ensuring the formation of the particles. Through the belt transmission of the grease, the feeding is more uniform, the granulation is faster, and the granulation is more convenient.

SZLH granulator SZLH animal feed granulator SZLH-X shrimp feed granulator SSHF curing kettle STZB jacket holder SDDC dual axis differential diameter differential speed modulator STZG jacket modulator.

SWFP Wide Micro Grinder SDFP Egg Chicken Material Grinder SFSP Water Droplet Grinder SFSP Hammer Grinder SWFL Vertical Shaft Ultra Micro Grinder Cake Breaker.

HHJD single shaft high-speed mixer HHJS double shaft chain drive paddle mixer HHJS stainless steel double shaft mixer HHJS double shaft direct connection paddle mixer SLHY single shaft spiral belt mixer STHJ molasses mixer.

SKLY impeller cooler SKLN counter flow cooler SKLB pendulum cooler FDRD dryer SWDG jacket stabilizer SHGL vertical dryer disc sterilizer.

SFJH rotary classification screen SFJHc drawer type rotary classification screen SSLG double layer crusher SFJZ vibrating classification screen STFZ feeding port vibrating screen.

Corporate philosophy: To enhance the company's Changji equipped with higher corporate philosophy and achieve enterprise development; Enterprises that enhance their affordability do not forget their original intention to build their dreams and strive to create more outstanding quality patents.

We not only provide high-quality products, but also provide high-quality one-stop service.

One stop service: can determine the quality of our products and services. Our product research and development team comes in various forms, from the initial complete set of equipment requiring our independent research and development, operation, and quality assurance.

Product features: Titles from numerous industry users include: feed machinery granulator accessories, feed mixer, puffing machine, ring mold granulator, etc. Let's talk about this product. Unit 1 structure: adjust the oil injection system of the pressure roller and the automatic adjustment system of the gap between the pressure roller and the ring mold, reduce the downtime adjustment time and labor intensity, and ensure the normal operation of the product. 2. Unit structure: Purchase of Shandong Yuguan Machinery.

ring die

I believe everyone is familiar with wood chip granulators. They are made by mixing wood chips, rice husks, palm and other materials, but their molding rate is not high because they have their own advantages and can make different granulators in different industries. Below, Yuguan Machinery will give you a brief introduction.

The sawdust granulator manufacturer said that the sawdust granulator is a machine that can press sawdust, rice husk, palm and other materials into Pellet fuel. These sawdust granulators can press branches, bark, straw, other branches, leaves, sawdust and other raw materials into sawdust granules. It has the characteristics of low investment, low energy consumption, high productivity, good economic benefits, easy use and maintenance, and is an ideal equipment for developing edible fungi.

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