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How much capital does this flat die market attract

Aug. 27, 2023

This flat die market has many options to attract capital, including the processing and production of various raw materials such as ash, sand powder, sawdust, sawdust, branches, bark, etc.

flat die

Firstly, the mold holes are arranged neatly, which is very suitable for maintaining the smoothness of the mold holes. It is not suitable for environments with a lot of adhesion, looseness, difficulty in forming, fatigue resistance, and air cooling.

Especially with neatly arranged mold holes, it is very suitable for use with certain molds and pressure rollers.

● Formed biomass Pellet fuel is a new type of fuel produced by biomass energy, and the market economy chain G brace transportation is used in many industries, and our company also has many products.

The Tianjin customer came to our factory to visit and inspect the LT600 vertical ring mold granulator, and planned the main production work for the customer in the near future.

After two minutes of granulation and tapping, the granulation machine came with the established price system. Through summary, our company's main products and market competition are very fierce, and currently our main products are mainly based on.

Corn, wheat bran, soybean meal, straw, straw, rice husk, and other raw materials are crushed and directly compressed into pellets for feed. According to the different raw materials, we can customize different types of feed to meet different requirements and be helpful to our customers.

The ring mold is a key vulnerable component of the granulation machine, which is lower than the flat mold vulnerable component. On the basis of traditional granulation machines, the working strength of the main working parts is strengthened from the aspects of materials, heat treatment, and other processes, in order to meet the granulation requirements of biomass particles.

The ring mold is the heart of the granulator, which greatly affects the lifespan and production efficiency of the ring mold. Therefore, when using the ring mold, it is necessary to consider the gap between the ring mold hole and the pressure roller, in order to adjust the service life of the pressure roller.

Our country's ring mold started in 02-05, mainly composed of oil passing through a granulator or cutter. Below, we will briefly introduce the size of the ring mold to meet the production requirements of large diameters.

The thickness of the ring mold (T): Usually inclined wheels are used, but once a period of time has passed, fracture points may occur, so it is necessary to pay attention to safety when designing the ring mold manually.

The thickness of the ring mold (T): Generally, if the highest wear resistance and material of the ring mold material are greatly affected, fracture points will occur in the general ring mold material, which is also designed to protect the thickness of the ring mold.

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