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In-depth analysis of opportunities for flat die product vents

Aug. 23, 2023

Deeply analyze the air outlet opportunities of flat die products, which are more convenient and efficient than providing scraper conveyors for customers.

The chopping machine is a clean, environmentally friendly and energy-saving field specifically designed for industries such as biomass pellet machines, bamboo plywood, wooden pallets, and construction waste. Its quality control should be more effectively improved. This equipment greatly reduces the cost of biomass pellet machines and maximizes their value. The sawdust granulator not only has economic advantages, but also is economically suitable for the production capacity, output, energy consumption, output, electricity consumption, forestry losses, and other aspects of the sawdust granulator.

● Cooling and heat dissipation of driving oil greatly reduces the temperature of Gear oil inside the transmission device, making gear operation more convenient and ensuring the service life of the product.

Actively used between lubricating oil, molds, conditioners, pressure rollers, and molds, greatly reducing the service life of the equipment.

Under the same function, the pressure roller adopts cooling output, and after sealing, it can be perfectly separated, achieving the cooperation of excessive moisture and greatly improving the service life of the equipment.

Advantage 1: Adopting high-precision involute cylindrical helical gear for direct transmission, the output is increased by about 20% compared to the belt type.

Advantage 2: After water forging, the transmission gear tooth blank undergoes normalizing heat treatment, which improves the hardness of the tooth surface; The tooth surface is treated with carburization, and the carburized layer reaches a depth of 24mm to enhance wear resistance and extend the service life of the components; The hard tooth surface is treated with a silent precision grinding and trimming process, making operation quieter and smoother.

Advantage 3: The main shaft and connected hollow shaft are made of imported alloy structural steel from Germany, which has undergone water forging, rough turning, heat treatment, precision turning, and precision grinding. The structure is reasonable and the hardness is uniform, improving the fatigue resistance and wear resistance of the components, providing a more reliable guarantee for safe operation.

flat die

Advantage 5: The bearings and oil seals used in the transmission part are both high-precision bearings imported from Japan and wear-resistant and temperature resistant fluororubber oil seals imported from the United States. Additionally, a lubrication and return system is specially added, with oil circulation cooling and automatic timed oil lubrication. Ensure sufficient lubrication of bearings for safer and more reliable operation.

flat die

Advantage 6: The bearings used in the particle forming system are all high-quality silent bearings, and a thin oil circulation cooling and lubrication system is added, resulting in a longer service life and safer operation of the bearings.

Advantage 7: The ring mold is made of high-grade stainless high nickel steel with precision manufacturing, and its unique compression ratio design is reasonable, resulting in better product quality and longer ring mold service life, greatly reducing production costs.

Advantage 8: The bearings used in the biomass particle forming system are all high-quality silent bearings, ensuring the normal operation of the machine.

Advantage 7: Biomass Pellet fuel has clean ignition, hot pressing furnace, lubrication, hot blast furnace, which removes the agglomerates in the steam boiler and outputs a clean fuel instead of coal.

Advantage 8: Biomass Pellet fuel has ash granulator, straw granulator, vertical circular mold granulator, etc., which can continuously press straw, wood chips, sawdust, plant straw, forestry waste, etc. Taking biomass Pellet fuel as an example, it can be less used as feed, such as straw, rice husk, bark, etc. According to the different diameter of the pressure roller, it can increase the screening of rice husk and increase the output.

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