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Can the roller shell industry continue to grow

Aug. 17, 2023

Can the roller shell industry continue to grow, and what should be the choice of ring mold feed granulator or pelletizer.

roller shell

As a mold hole particle equipment, whether the compression ratio of the ring mold is reasonable, and whether the compression ratio of the granulator ring mold is reasonable. Then, select the appropriate mold hole shape and mold based on different sieve hole forms and particles.

roller shell

Relatively moving, the feeding rate must change from low speed to high speed. Generally, at the same time, such things must pass through the granulator at the fastest speed.

The gap between the aperture and compression ratio of the granulator ring mold is usually composed of 1 transmission gear, dynamic pressure wheel, and transmission wheel. The ring mold automatically adjusts the gap, even if it is appropriate or some special gaps are used, the clamping machine cannot function properly.

The hole shape of the pelletizer ring mold is usually made of carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel, and stainless steel. The pelletizer has wear resistance, craftsmanship quality, machine wear resistance, and low wear ratio, and the materials used for this series of chain auxiliary machines are the same as those used by screw manufacturers due to differences in feeding, cutting, microstrip design, compression ratio, or other materials.

The hole shape of the granulator ring mold is usually made of carbon structural steel or stainless steel driven by the granulator. The steel ring mold mainly consists of CNC, carbon structural steel through forging, cutting, drilling, heat treatment and other processes.

For the ring mold of stainless steel forged steel, the ring mold is one of the important components, and the ring mold is one of the main working components of the granulator. The good quality and utilization rate of the ring mold are unparalleled in the ring mold manufacturing industry. The various advantages of the ring mold not only provide customers with factory production, but also provide customers with regular production equipment such as optimized, chrome, H, L1, etc., thereby ensuring the service life of the ring mold and the service life of the pressure roller.

The use of ring molds mainly depends on the compression ratio. Before entering the granulator mold, degreasing and treatment methods are required. Decontamination can also be processed into particles by the material, and tearing is also indispensable. In addition, for the general vulnerable parts of the ring mold granulator, due to the need to adjust the hole size of the granulator mold, the discharge of the ring mold granulator is very large, and it is difficult to discharge at the moment, so the output is very low.

The thickness of the granulator mold (T). The size of the mold aperture requires grooves, and the discharge of the granulator is also very difficult. Especially when considering the diameter of the mold hole and the size of the outer ring, it needs to be based on the thickness of the material mold hole, especially the size of the hole diameter. Especially for biomass particles, the hardness of each multi aperture of Henan Yuhui Biomass Particle Machine needs to be within 11% -12mm, equivalent to the diameter of the ring mold. So, the required dimensions for the granulator need to be: 10mm, 20mm, 1, 8mm.

The thickness of the granulator mold (T). The effective working length (T) of the mold hole is usually transmitted, and two molds are used together for convenience and speed.

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