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Sales are exploding, and a new blue ocean is emerging in the roller shell industry

Aug. 03, 2023

Sales are exploding, and a new blue ocean is emerging in the roller shell industry. Fox and mink materials have undergone tremendous changes together, in order to make fox and mink materials sick and improve production efficiency. Upstream equipment can help us prepare.

Our products have various high and low effective parts, including: plastic, waste, template, cardboard, Flat noodles, leftovers, sludge, etc. The granulator can be divided into ring mold granulator and flat mold granulator. The flat mold granulator is specifically designed for the granulation principle, and many things have been mentioned later.

Our products come in various models, including flat mold particle machines and ring mold particle machines. Users can choose according to their needs, and there are also specific models to choose, as well as those they know.

Our products come in various models and powers, which can meet the needs of users from around 1 ton per hour, and can also be determined as the particle size of users from raw materials below 10 tons.

Our mold has been processed and the length can be adjusted. The material obtained should be 1 ton per hour. However, if the material moisture is around 1 ton, the machine will be difficult to use and the particles produced will be very unqualified. Therefore, as long as we produce according to the requirements of our friends, we have certain technical support.

How much is the price of a sawdust particle machine (particle machine model)? A regular flat mold particle machine needs to be classified as two types of machine equipment. However, I will analyze the specific situation based on the actual situation of external customers, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

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The manufacturers of sawdust pellet machines have all said that they are high-quality energy-saving fuels, but how can our machines receive that money? If you choose a sawdust granulator, don't be afraid. No matter how hard you choose, our 560 particle granulator wants it. Yulong Machinery wants this machine. Our sawdust granulator and vertical circular mold granulator should have done production and farming, and it is not easy to overlook the price of the Pellet fuel produced. Next, our sawdust granulator is distributed together, So how much money does our sawdust granulator need to make?

When our sawdust granulator first started, it was a granulator, and now the price is very low. Many customers are confused when choosing a sawdust granulator, and they buy the 420 type ring mold of the granulator. However, after these months, the granulator has undergone many changes, such as loose bearings or expired bearings. Therefore, if your sawdust granulator malfunctions, Or there may be cracks, which is very obvious.

When the particle machine is working, the feeding amount is basically the relative density of the pressure roller and transmission system of the particle machine. If the feeding speed is fast, it can hydraulic the feeding port to room temperature and ensure the high point of the conditioner. This can effectively extend the feeding amount and prolong the service life.

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