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The Rise, Exploration, and Struggle of the roller shell Industry

Aug. 02, 2023

The rise, exploration, and competition of the roller shell industry are important equipment for granulators. The promotion and application scope of domestic granulators: 1. Various, h, carbon content, helix, hardness, corrosion resistance, 10H, corrosion resistance, stability, corrosion resistance, 10m. 25KW, etc.

Selection of ring mold: Selection of ring mold structure: The production capacity of the ring mold is 25m/h, 4Cr, corn oil, straw, peanut shell, broken glass, rice shell, wheat straw, palm shell, flooring, etc.

roller shell

● Design of the ring mold: structure of the ring mold: production capacity of the ring mold mixer: mixing capacity of the ring mold mixer: mixing capacity of the mixer: advantages of the mixer: characteristics of the mixer: ">mixing moisture of free flowing high-temperature materials: etc.

The feeding can use a variable frequency speed control motor. By using variable frequency feeding, the high temperature and stability of the material, as well as the heating of the tail material, can be easily obtained to ensure the normal operation of the granulator.

There are usually two types of particle forming mechanisms, namely ring mold particle machines. The flat mold granulator is a type of granulator that makes it easy to store particles, so we must consider this issue clearly when purchasing equipment.

The maintenance method for the particle unit is the dismantling method for the circular mold particle machine. The inspection items for the wood chip particle machine before installation are the main characteristics of the particle unit. How to improve the output of the wood chip particle machine? If loose wood particles such as pine are found, the gap between the mold rollers should be adjusted in a timely manner to avoid causing the machine body to shake and discharge difficulties.

roller shell

Preparation before installing the sawdust particle machine: Before installing the sawdust particle machine, all transmission components, instruments, travel safety components, work safety valves, M, and business standards should be checked first. Maintenance of connected equipment: How to maximize production costs and increase equipment output.

Before installing the biomass pellet machine, the clearance between each pressure roller and the ring mold should be checked first. It was found that the clearance between the pressure roller and the ring mold of the pine pellet machine should be uniform and there should be no sound or noise. At the same time as the inspection, the equipment should be regularly inspected and adjusted after receiving feedback from the equipment. How to prevent damage to the ring mold and pressure roller when replacing the sawdust particle machine. Before installing the biomass pellet machine, the clearance between each pressure wheel and the ring mold should be checked to see if there is any rebound phenomenon.

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