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Full order for roller shell

Jul. 24, 2023

The roller shell has a wider application range of full linear speed compared to single grass powder, which is currently a large domestic sawdust particle machine due to its production process cannot be reduced. Specific problems include non-toxic indoor granulation, poor particle quality, particle oxidation, etc.

The lubrication part of the pressure roller of the particle machine adopts a microcomputer to track and monitor the operation situation in real-time. If the bearing temperature exceeds the normal operating temperature, the microcomputer will automatically start the lubrication device to protect the bearing lubrication, completely solving the problem of relying on experience for lubrication of the pressure roller. The lubrication system is composed of microcomputer induced overheating protection lubrication, timed lubrication, and manual forced lubrication;

The microcomputer senses high temperatures, automatically starts the lubrication device, protects lubricants, and manually forces lubrication;

roller shell

The microcomputer will provide different amounts of lubrication according to the actual situation and needs, which can effectively achieve improvements in different specifications and quality, thereby affecting the sustainable development of the market;

According to different production methods and mold specifications, microcomputers will use ring molds, bases, molds, leftover materials, and dryers. However, the manual requirements are different, so each blank needs to be installed at a certain point. When assembling itself, the specific control is to use a hopper to calculate.

roller shell

The spindle of the particle machine is quenched and air selected to ensure a stable working environment, and then it can be heated. Here, we can achieve a 46 level and 17 level spindle lock structure, and promise to remove iron in the fermentation tank to achieve a dedicated wear effect.

Biomass pellet machine (also known as gear ring) belongs to feed granulation equipment. It is a feed processing equipment that crushes and compresses biomass raw materials such as straw into efficient and environmentally friendly fuels or feed.

The sawdust granulator is an equipment that uses eucalyptus, pine, birch, poplar, fruit wood, crop straw, and bamboo chips to crush them into sawdust and bran, and process them into biomass fuel. Effectively solving the shortcomings of difficult granulation and poor effect of coarse fibers, adopting international advanced manufacturing processes, customizing high-quality molds for various particle machines, prolonging equipment life, improving product quality, and reducing per ton consumption costs. The main transmission of the sawdust particle machine adopts high-precision gear transmission, and the ring mold adopts a quick release type clamp type. The transmission part of the entire machine adopts high-quality bearings from Switzerland and Japan to ensure transmission, stability, and low noise. The ring mold adopts a quick release type clamp type, and the feeding adopts frequency conversion speed regulation to ensure uniform feeding. The door cover is equipped with a compensation type snake spring coupling of a certain international advanced level, which has a novel, compact, safe, and low noise structure Low fault performance

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