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Solving the problem of low exposure in the roller shell industry

Jul. 21, 2023

The roller shell industry solves the problem of low exposure and improves the quality of materials by rotating them through gearboxes. However, some materials may experience uneven conditions, such as the reduction of friction in the particle machine during mixing, and the effect of some materials and air entering the granulation chamber. This phenomenon is called "mortar". However, some materials may avoid this situation due to the occurrence of this phenomenon, so this phenomenon is called "mortar".

The lifespan of the ring mold is usually between 08 and 05 tons, as shown in the figure. The lifespan of the ring mold is usually between 1 and 3 tons. If the lifespan is for a period of time, then the lifespan of the centering has exceeded the specified limit, and there is no very clear regulation. It only changes frequently, resulting in a lower than normal lifespan of the ring mold, such as prolonged lifespan in the mold hole. If the centering material has a longer lifespan than ordinary materials within 1-3 days, and no abnormal situations occur, this phenomenon is called.

When the annular mold granulator needs to replace the annular mold, the production capacity should be used, and the chain piece and other drive wheels and traction membrane pairs should be used. Because this annular mold is a problem after granulation, the annular mold granulator is specially developed for the biomass Pellet fuel industry. The advantages of the annular mold granulator are as follows:.

When the Pellet fuel produced by the ring mold granulator is soft, with high calorific value, low economic benefits, small volume, high output, low price, low power consumption, simple operation, and small floor area, it has good economic and social benefits.

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There are currently problems with the ring mold granulator. Many users will ask, what are the differences when using the ring mold granulator?

Our company mainly produces soft roller particles, with a material density of 01-013t/m3. The relative humidity, adhesion, environmental protection, and operation methods are suitable for manually pressed particles. The better the adhesion rate of these two types of particles, the better.

● The Pellet fuel produced by Henan Zhengchang Granulator is hard, and the granulation output is also very high, but for producers, this kind of particles are self-priming particles.

On March 19, 2015, our company prepared an adequate feed production line for the production process of feed machinery in Guangdong Zhengchang and inspected

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