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How to Find Plastic Mold Manufacturing Industry

Jul. 13, 2023

The company has a modern management system. The level of enterprise management is directly related to the product price, quality and delivery date, so it has achieved good development results. In order to ensure the development strategy of the injection molding plant, that is, the cooperation goals of both parties, a set of parties can be explored by combining various fields

The company has never heard of it in the injection molding factory, but this way determines that they have realized how much the injection molding factory needs. The so-called injection molding means that the mold of injection molding is as important as the molding of injection products.

Injection molding is an important process for the production of various plastic products. It is also a relatively modern, delicate and environmentally friendly processing method. For example, some large-scale factories, low shape memory and practical products, they can divide injection molding production and processing into several businesses.

● Definition of molding process 1. The solid plastic is sealed in a narrow place with a number of fine points at the injection molding position. If the shrinkage loss rate is low, the viscosity is high, and the first thing will be lost. In the injection molding position, if the solid plastic is too close to the mold far away, and is sealed far away from the position, it will die of sinking or being flattened. The force that can be generated is very small, resulting in chattering. The surface of plastic parts is rough or the probability of plastic chattering is low. If the injection of the mold, the surface of the plastic parts presents many pits or some rugged or subtle metal colors, which will directly affect the bonding force of the adhesive.

● The material shall be degreased and soaked. The common method is to coat the inner and outer surfaces and core boxes of plastics with a layer of other high molecular organic compounds (such as epoxy plastics, epoxy plastics, etc.). This plastic is a thermosetting plastic with good corrosion resistance, easy demoulding, and no pollution to the environment.

● Surface treatment is usually relatively simple, as long as the process completed with the help of surface painting; Different surface treatment technologies and coatings are applicable to paints of different compositions or compositions, and have different effects on different materials.

● The surface treatment capacity will drop significantly at the temperature of 15~30 minutes, and the surface quality of materials will become very poor.

● It does not cause mechanical damage, has a very beautiful appearance, and is also scratch resistant, and has unsafe protection for the environment.

About PA, 10~15 PAs. When used for machining of mechanical parts, the toughness will be degraded when encountering surface pollution or high temperature, which is why PA.

PA and PTFE are pure lubricants without any additives. It can maintain obvious lubrication during extrusion. It must have uniform fluidity and can maintain visible homogeneity during production.

GPO thermal conductive film is a film made of GPO thermal conductive film, often called GPO thermal conductive film. GPO thermal conductive film (or FEP) is a new product based on plasma cutting machine. Its wear resistance and optical properties can be directly melted.

It is widely used in industry, mainly for industrial control, industrial parts, instrument panel, chassis, connectors of various instruments, etc.

There are three types: stamping mould, die-casting mould, stamping mould, powder metallurgy mould and progressive mould.

Die casting mold: The metal powder of metal materials is heated to form, and the complex forming is mainly completed by adding the oil of alloy elements. The pressure of the casting die is quickly pressed and shot by the die.

Extrusion die: partially extruded die: the requirements for metal powder molding pressure and filling speed of powder metallurgy products and the number of die cavities at the outlet are limited by the mold processing equipment and the overall number of die cavities.

The oil removal is powder, which is worth ensuring. It needs to be pressed and formed by powder. It also needs to use continuous clamps and mechanical clamping. The machine tool can well clamp the metal powder and formed products of powder products. It also needs to carry out mixing, sputtering, sintering, cake pressing and other processes. The model and technical requirements of preform products required for direct sintering are widely used in the electronic industry, medical, aerospace, energy and other fields.

In mold manufacturing, injection mold is an important auxiliary tool for producing various plastic injection molds. With the rapid development of the plastic industry and the wide application of plastic products in aviation, aerospace, weapons and other fields, the rapid development of these new technologies has promoted the development of the industry. Injection mold is a widely used modern industrial technology, many industries need to use injection mold. Injection mold is a kind of raw material with the largest consumption, and its market value is about 200 million yuan or even less. This feature makes more and more people join, because the injection mold industry is inseparable from mold.

With the development of the times, we need more and more injection molds. China's furniture and home decoration are all injection molds, and have reached a very high level in many aspects. How do we choose injection mold? Now let's give you the following explanation.

First, determine the overall size of the injection mold. The number of cavities and their combination methods are determined according to the geometric structure characteristics of plastic parts, requirements for dimensional accuracy, batch size, difficulty in mold manufacturing, mold materials, mold life, etc.

If the mold is to be processed, the cavity, core, etc. should be processed first, and then the mold should be tested to determine that the existing mold is in design and evaluation.

For the injection mold, the precision of plastic parts is grade 3 and 3a, the weight is 5g, the hardened gating system is used, and the number of cavities is 4-6; The plastic parts are of general accuracy (4-5 levels), the molding materials are locally crystalline materials, and the number of cavities can be 16-20; The weight of plastic parts is 12-16g, the number of cavities is 4-8, and the weight of other plastic parts is 2-16g. The size range is calculated according to conventional plastic parts, and the weight is 3-14T.

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