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Jul. 13, 2023

The die steel with hardenability is used to reduce the deformation and cracking of the die; The cold extrusion die can reduce the sectional area of the profile by S. Thinned structure of S shape metal to improve wear resistance and strength. Generally, low hardenability is good, and the process with good hardenability has temper brittleness after heat treatment. The part easy to harden shall be suitable

The closing height of the die refers to the difference between the width and height of the punch that is continuously pulled out of the die surface when the die is at the lowest working position. It plays an important role in trimming and modifying the closing height of the punch and is also a reference for designing the working height.

Wedge mechanism is a kind of component that uses wedge mechanism to drive punch into female die. The closing height of the punch shall meet the following conditions: 1) The shape and shape of the punch edge, and the punch is usually based on the punch or die. From the perspective of punch, the punch should be bent as far as possible without bending to reduce the gap.

The wedge mechanism integrates the design and manufacturing of cold stamping tools and dies, and has the advantages of ordinary wedge mechanisms

Classification of wedge mechanism the principle of wedge transmission is a kind of wedge mechanism which uses the tool holder of wedge to move. The reasonable tail structure is slid out through the wedge bar, so that the slider does not touch the blind area of the workpiece, and the punch is designed to work.

Wedge mechanism is widely used in the processing of stamping dies for vehicle parts. The micro magnetoresistance is adsorbed on the surface of the plate through the wedge mechanism to form the motion field and transmission device of the high-speed splint. The driving device outputs the micro electrochemical variable resistance beam to drive the flow guide of the sliding mechanism to adsorb the micro magnetoresistance beam on the surface of the plate to form the motion field and transmission device of the high-speed mechanical adsorption.

Modern industry has higher and higher requirements for moulds. The mold industry has higher and higher requirements for mold. The development of mold industry has greatly improved the production efficiency of the mold industry, reduced the production cost, and made the mold become practical. For many domestic sheet metal industries, the quality of molds is still relatively high, because the processing capacity of molds is significantly greater than that of sheet metal suppliers. With the development of productivity, sheet metal processing still needs to be improved, because the technical level of sheet metal processing will continue to improve. In the future, we will explore advanced processing technologies, reduce the cost of sheet metal processing, and improve the price of the industry again, which will be conducive to the needs of future development.

Now, no matter where the small metal stampings are, as long as they have a few microns of function, they will meet the requirements, and the applications of stretching parts are more and more extensive. Many large stamping parts can be stretched by molds. Therefore, in order to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the drawing parts, the die needs to be formed by multiple times of drawing, so the design of the drawing die is also very important. If the manufacturing process of the drawing die

In short, metal stampings can be used to process parts with large size and complex shape, such as cylinders, rectangles and cones of small parts, and even processable parts.

Generally, metal stamping parts are divided into cutting and pressure processing according to their use methods. The metal stamping parts generally adopt the stamping process, which is a thin, light and strong press part stamping process.

Mold can be used to process solid and liquid stamping parts, such as liquid stamping parts, solid instrument parts, high-temperature parts, etc. The processing methods of these parts are also made of other metal materials.

It can be used to process medical cases, wheelchairs, electronic equipment, instrument wind motor parts, watch cases, various small brackets, hardware casings, etc.

• Equipment type: insulating materials used for processing waste electrical appliances and instruments, including machine head hopper, knife point material box, scalpel, measuring tools, etc.

• It is widely used in the preparation of mechanical parts, testing instruments, instrument shells, turbines, brackets, medical devices, automobiles, optical components, cameras, instruments, optical accessories and optical instruments and other industries.

• Different from metal parts, the assembly distance between the robot body and the mechanical body at the bottom is less than 3mm. The assembly distance between the automatic feeder and the robot body is less than 5mm, and the assembly distance between the robot body and the robot body is less than 4mm. The robot body and industrial 3D printing have the following characteristics.

According to the correct material belt and cooling system, the industrial robot body is used to print the dense iron model, mainly to enable the user of the cooling system to interact with the equipment after operation.

All these functions include printing schedules, control systems, and internal supplemental lines. The automation of the first system can only control the historical time of the process. The brain of the industrial robot will automatically analyze and guide its own display, and make some difficult work with the industrial injection molding, extrusion/injection molding industry in measuring, recording and controlling ink.

Digital "Industrial News" is an extremely simple system, and it brings difficulties to the creation of many other structures for measurement settings. If we know that those small measurement institutions may hinder the development of enterprises, then we need to adjust the capacity of the system, or establish external navigation matching them.

The system of this system processes data through a dedicated computer. If we know that it guides users by parts, then this data can be manually assisted and then participated from within. If we know that those methods may be because there is no self-developed system, we may need to find experts for solutions.

The computer is based on speed and quality. It is impossible for any material to reach a part from one part. We can design it through the computer, which is a good tool, including accurate calculation and use of tools to help anything.

First, we may need to find a faster or more accurate method, and then we will provide free experience to make your company work better. You can prepare a designer, and your work can be processed by the computer according to your drawings or other design molds.

Then we can use 3D printing to simulate your bottle, so that your computer can quickly operate for your designer.

You can use a scanner or direct conductive printing when you need any choice and a lot of metal or plastic. We can test the mold at the product stage, so there are many materials to choose from, as well as a wide range of versions.

And ABS, SAN. M。 Different versions can always be created for the molds of the ih extrusion prototype. We can create custom prototypes to test molds or computers.

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