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Cold stamping plastic injection molding company

Jul. 13, 2023

Standard air pressure molding: applicable to the production and processing of blister and injection molding, that is, when the mold is in a fixed state, the epoxy resin is injected and solidified under pressure. The epoxy resin molding machine installed inside the mold can form a plastic absorption molding room to prevent mold deformation and extend the life of the mold.

Factory standard air pressure molding: it will not produce oil stain and sundries, and will not affect the overall function of the equipment, while ensuring the accuracy and quality of the products.

Pressure retaining forming: the preparation before forming is as follows: low air pressure is used to control forming. The greater the pre pressing forming pressure is, the greater the local pressure compression will be, and the pressure kinetic energy of the cylinder block will be increased.

Heat the oil to about 350 ° C with a general heater, and then convert the temperature to good (± 20 ° C), and start forming until the required temperature is reached. The pressurization pressure is too high, so the speed is too fast.

The same as the press, SMC will not have such changes during pressure forming, and even MMC will not have abnormalities like MMC.

This state is mainly due to the particularity of the template materials, such as epoxy, modified acrylate, melamine, PC/PPS, etc. Due to the influence of the lightweight of the template, the heating time of microglue injection molding should consider the corresponding required length, and finally select the appropriate mold (usually affecting its melting state), affecting the molding cycle.

If the speed of glue melting is fast, unqualified products may appear because it will enter the barrel for feeding after glue injection, but it will enter the plastic melting state during glue injection. Attention should be paid to the exhaust position and cooling of the mold.

The following points should be taken into account in the design of the die. Melting temperature: usually, the gate is closed before the solidification of the gate while the plastic is moving, so as to eliminate the plastic melting at the gate. If the curing condition of gate is reached, it is easy to produce defects such as delamination and surface roughness.

The defects at the gate mostly occur at the inner side of the plastic part, such as surface wrinkles, dents and other defects. The gate size is too small, the product cooling is not sufficient or the rapid cooling speed is not ideal, which makes the product surface prone to hair lines or cracks and other defects. If the gate position is too long or the gate section is too small, or the gate is too thin or too far away, the gate position is too small. The causes and solutions of these defects are as follows: 1. The gate position is too small, and the product surface is easy to form tensile marks; 2 The gate position is too small, and the gate shape is improper or too small; 3 The position of the inner gate is too small, and the product particle increases;

One side gate: because the gate structure is an important reason affecting the quality of plastic parts, too high or too short gate position will cause poor surface quality and rough surface of plastic parts, affecting the appearance quality of plastic parts. When the melt enters the cavity from the gate, the appearance quality of the plastic part cannot be guaranteed due to the large pressure loss of the cavity and poor filling conditions. When the appearance quality of plastic parts is unstable, the appearance quality of plastic parts must also be determined through inspection. The higher the appearance requirements, the worse the appearance quality of the plastic parts. The higher the appearance requirements, the higher the appearance quality requirements. The higher the appearance requirement is, the quality of the plastic part appearance shall be based on the specific requirements of the plastic part appearance. The higher the appearance requirements, the more stable the appearance quality of the plastic parts.

The appearance quality of plastic parts has an important influence on the surface quality of plastic parts. What affects the appearance quality of plastic parts is non appearance. The internal quality of plastic parts is the geometric shape and size of plastic parts, but the appearance quality of plastic parts is relatively stable. To do a good job in appearance requirements, there are many plastic parts that have an impact on the appearance quality of plastic parts.

The appearance and size of the product, first of all, refers to the dimensional accuracy. The fillets and internal stresses in various parts of the plastic parts, such as when the cylindricity exceeds 700mm, may produce dents, but the fillets and radii in the cavity shall be consistent with the wall thickness.

The influence of plastic parts on the surface quality of plastic parts is the importance of the mechanical, physical and mechanical properties of the top shape height, bottom specific gravity and surface state. During the molding of plastic profiles, after melting and plasticizing in the mold cavity, due to temperature reduction and metal adhesion, the molding cycle of products becomes longer, resulting in rough surface, unstable size, certain melting viscosity and low dimensional accuracy of products. In order to shorten the injection time, the flow resistance in the section of the product is large, and the wall thickness of the product is thin when filling the mold. In the mold structure, the cross section area of the cooling channel should be increased or the influence of the mold temperature on the product should be reduced. The mold molding materials must have good fluidity, and the influence of hardness, mold temperature and thermal stress on the deformation of the product. It shall also have good corrosion resistance. The gate drawing and cooling channel can be opened and closed quickly.

The degree of die standardization in China is improving. It is estimated that the coverage of die standard parts in China has reached about 30%. In developed countries, it is generally about 80%.

Including advanced standards such as automobile lightweight and modularization, intelligence, refinement and remote online.

For example, automobile panel dies and virtual technology, the main process of covering geometric configuration is the process of digital design and digital factory, which aims to enable mold manufacturing enterprises to keep improving and achieve the goal of precision, automation, intelligence, digitization and intelligence for the integrated management of each production oriented enterprise's process flow.

With the development of technology and the transformation of social economy, many new technologies in some mature equipment have been unable to meet the growing needs. 3D printing is already a widely used technology, which can be used in the key production process of the mold manufacturing industry. It is a rapid, effective, economic, and real economy production mode.

This technology can be used to produce metal products. It is generally divided into production equipment, assembly equipment, measuring equipment, 3D printing technology, vacuum simulation processing, etc. according to the application of traditional processes.

Vacuum digital printing technology is a non-contact digital technology. It has the characteristics of digital reproduction and can be applied to a variety of non-contact geometric materials.

These technologies are unparalleled because they can transform materials into different products and cannot be produced in a specific way.

However, the 3D printing industry also shows. The cost of 3D printing is lower, which can be understood as the cost control of printing by a high-tech engineer. 3D printing is to design and quickly and economically apply complex and costly things to manufacture mold parts under difficult factors to ensure accuracy.

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