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How to Select Plastic Molding Reasonably

Jul. 13, 2023

The equipment uses reasonable and molding requirements of plastic parts to select parting surface. The plastic part is a bottle cap, and the surface has no special requirements. It can be used for surface electroplating, painting, painting and other secondary printing. The mechanical properties of plastic parts mainly depend on the processing properties of plastics and the rationality of mold design. For selective selection, poor fluidity of plastics is required.

● At present, there is no standard system for plastic products in China. Some plastic products include blending, reinforcement, copolymerization, grafting, rigid and non reinforced plastics. The latter includes engineering plastics, special plastics and synthetic resins. (i.e. variety, specification, consumable and special plastic products) is a plastic variety with a relatively high market share.

● Building parts: generally, building parts are divided into direct immersion reinforcement, high rigidity, water resistance (high concentration of turbid oxygen), mud resistance, temperature resistance (the maximum working temperature can reach 70 ℃, and the minimum working temperature can reach 90 ℃), scratch resistance, water absorption, crystallization performance, high mechanical strength, high insulation performance, welding performance and other products such as cylindrical tubes, shaft sleeves, etc.

SMT pipe ratio PHV welding machine PHV (overload and endurance) pipe ratio (P1, P2, P3 and other types) welding medium, hot air welding machine PHV (flame welding, reaction welding, horizontal valve welding), thermocouple welding and cold welding.

DW-m welding machine is mainly used for welding deformed pipes (steel liner pipe, heating pipe, forming pipe, coil shaft welding, spindle welding, coil shaft welding, stainless steel pipe, aluminum strip, profiles and various mechanical parts).

BW-m welding machine is a plastic welding machine with single spot welding, joint welding, roller welding and joint welding. It can be widely used in mechanical processing, mold manufacturing, mechanical processing, electronics and other industries. Since 2000, with the improvement of industrial development requirements, the application of industrial machinery equipment and hardware industry will gradually develop into a modern machinery manufacturing field.

● Safe and reliable: advanced mechanical equipment, integrated pneumatic compression mechanism, and advanced press and hanger design are adopted.

● Intelligent environmental protection: adopt advanced management technology, mechanical processing production and reduce tool replacement, can produce various types of mechanical parts, in addition to protective shield, protective plate, guide rail, oil groove, etc., to achieve safe and controllable production of products.

● Long service life of metal mould: manufacturers with higher service life and stable quality can better provide services for enterprises by selling their market patents and their cost-effectiveness is lower than any other products.

● After sales service: The factory has large high-precision injection molding machines, such as fire roaster, tablet computer, blender, trunking (organ type), etc., which can assist: the most energy-efficient uniform new configuration of general companies is the most time-saving intelligent management scheme.

● Product design: It is made of new three plate hardware with the designer as the key, and the complete configuration of metal, plastic or other materials. The purification (anti-corrosion resin, conductive resin, metal steel, PVC plastic, etc.) can sterilize the air to achieve high-quality surface treatment such as arbitrary dyeing, weather resistance, non lubrication, etc.

● Quality management system: equipment and skills, planning is preferred; Can adapt to different aspects of mold work; Proficient in the design, manufacture and maintenance of parts; Be able to guide activities flexibly; Good communication and analytical skills; Good working attitude, operation ability and coordination ability; Have a keen ability to observe, judge, grasp and control.

● Be able to adapt to the process flow of small batch mold processing and assembly; Familiar with common welding process; Have good analytical ability to analyze common welding materials, conventional welding processes and common mold process flow; Proficient in non-standard welding process.

● Be able to clearly grasp the characteristics and mechanical properties of commodity materials, understand the thermal conductivity and master the processing technology, and correctly select the process flow.

● Be familiar with thermoplastic and other components, and be able to control the melting point, curing temperature, pressure, temperature, exhaust gap and other skills.

● When mixing various plastic additives (such as stabilizers, plasticizers, colorants, lubricants, reinforcers, fillers, etc.), vacuum pulling method is used to add the mixing agent into the forming furnace. After discharging, an exhaust tank is opened. The stripped and melted plastics are fully mixed and supplied evenly. The exhaust film in the exhaust tank must be clean and dry to avoid burning or thermal decomposition. The exhaust film in the exhaust tank must be dry, so as not to cause exhaust vacuum problems and affect the smelting and mixing effect. The setting of the exhaust slot must be scientific and reasonable. Generally, it is spliced into the same shape, with the rubber ring connected on it. The caliber of the previous one is similar to the next one, including the rod or insert of the exhaust hole, is consistent with the caliber of the exhaust port, which will bring certain difficulties to the exhaust ventilation. However, it should be noted that the position of the exhaust port should be determined according to the design of the insert. We should take these into account to avoid various phenomena. Try not to pollute other exhaust ports due to poor exhaust, but this does not mean that various problems are likely to occur during processing. Select a good injector.

Because the cost of traditional fuel injector seals is relatively low and they are not ignored in fact, and because of the machine failure, it can lead to long-term spraying, and the spraying time is long. For the non adhesion of the paint surface, the paint surface can be polluted by water mist. In order to solve this problem, according to the system of the fuel injector manufacturer, the ultrasonic fuel injector belongs to a professional professional manufacturer. After the use of ultrasonic barrel making, it is necessary to often clean the painted wall (the base is added with a peak based protective film (previously designed to stick adhesive layer). For the cleaning process of the plastic mold, the upper mold plane must be cleaned, and the nozzle must also be cleaned if the release agent is applied. For the cleaning of the plastic mould of the lampshade, the necessary cleaning shall be carried out regularly, especially for the painting and wiping of the plastic mould of the lampshade

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