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Pellet press roller shell AND
Pellet press roller shell AND
Pellet press roller shell AND

Pellet press roller shell AND

Applicable to pellet machine AND

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Product Details

Roller shell is the key part of pellet mill in the large scale pellet plant. The roller shell must have good mechanical properties and long service life. The quality of roller shell plays an important role in making high quality pellets and high output. Good roller shell can produce good pellet machines for pellet machine manufacturers and save much maintenance cost for pellet manufacturers. Thus choose a reliable roller shell manufacturer is crucial. You choose us to choose the quality assurance and reasonable price.

Roller Shell Attributes
typeDimensionMaterialHardnessSpan LifeTransport wayPackageODMOEMWatermark
AND303.21/211.07*211.14C50��20MnCr5, 100Cr6 or CustomizedHRc58-62 or CustomizedOver than 1000 hourssea, air frieght or other way by customizedcustomizedYesYesYes
Roller Shell Ring Die / Flat Die Pellet Machine
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