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Tips for Using Biomass Pellet Machines

May. 23, 2018

The ring die for Pellet Mill is an important part of the biomass particle machine. The ring mold affects the quality of the particles of the biomass particles, the particle molding conditions, and the production efficiency. Therefore, the maintenance of the ring mold is very important, then the following will introduce the maintenance of the biomass particle machine ring mold attention.

Whether customized ring die is a new device or a new one, it must be thoroughly ground before use. Generally can be used waste oil, sand, sawdust according to a certain proportion of mixing into the reusable oil, in the biomass particle machine inlet into the oil, repeated grinding 20-30 minutes after the input material can be normal production. The ring mold and the press roll are labor-intensive and heavy-loaded. In the vicinity of the rated life of the pressure roller and the ring die, follow-up monitoring will be carried out. The frequency and particle quality of the particles will be observed to see if there is any powder. After confirming the problem, replace the corresponding accessories so that the biomass pelletizer can be used normally.

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