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Safety Instructions for Granulators

Mar. 22, 2018

Granulators are now not only limited to use in feed mills, but many large farms are also introducing this granulation equipment for low-temperature granulation of organic fertilizers. High efficiency wooden pellet machine and pellet mill spare parts can make our work smoothly.

1, Workers wear tight overalls, cuffs do not open, do not wear gloves, wearing protective caps and dust masks, the operation must focus on energy.

2, Check the reducer oil level, particle machine spindle bearings and roller bearing oil level.

3, Familiar with the working principle of the machine and the structure and function of each part.

4. Check if there is any debris in the machine and if the screws are loose, tighten the spindle nut with a wrench.

5, The motor must be started without load before it can work, it is strictly prohibited to invert the direction.

High Efficiency Wooden Pellet Machine

6. It is forbidden to open the cover of the machine at will during the production process. Do not reach into the granulation room. After the work, the machine will produce high temperature. The body should not be in contact with the machine to prevent accidents.

7. The machine must be grounded safely. When checking the machine, disconnect the main power supply first.

8. Check and remove the metal on the magnetic separator at the entrance at any time during work, pay close attention to the work situation, and find that the abnormality is shut down in time.

9. Spindle bearings should be filled with at least one high-temperature grease per shift, and the pressure roller bearings should be added with at least two high-temperature greases per day.

10. When the machine is not in use for a long time, the material inside the mold should be thrown out, rubbed with anti-rust oil.

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