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How to Operate Wood Pellet Machine

Nov. 13, 2017

Wood pellet machine/wooden pellet machine mainly produces solid waste produced by agriculture and forestry, and does not add any binder in the case, one-time processing into biomass pellet fuel environmentally friendly machinery and equipment. Has a unique design, beautiful appearance, simple operation, easy to use, low failure rate, long service life and so on.

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So how to operate the wood pellet machine?

1, The operator must be trained and read the device manual, to make a comprehensive understanding of the device.

2, Check the various fastening devices and lubrication parts, to determine no problem before turning on the power.

3, Idle a few minutes before feeding, to determine no abnormal conditions before feeding production.

4, Not too fast or too slow when you feed, not to feed the device into the stones, iron and other hard debris.

5, Every day after the end of the work, clean parts of the equipment.

6, Regularly on the worm, bolts on the block, bearings and other parts of the movement. 

7, When not in use for a long time, the equipment needs to be waterproof, rainproof and dampproof. When necessary, it can be coated with anti-rust paint and covered with tarpaulin.

The above is a simple summary of how to operate the wood pellet machine equipment correctly. We hope that it will be helpful to our customers and friends. For more details, please contact us. We can provide flat die pellet mill, ring die for pellet machine, customized ring die...

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