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How to Choose Wooden Pellet Machine?

Jan. 29, 2018

1. Wooden Pellet Machine must be able to operate continuously produced twenty-four hours.

Die life warranty 800 hours or more, the warranty period free replacement, and bear the freight.

3. Not up to the rated output sign an exemption from unconditional return, and bear the freight.

4. Roller bearing life of 800 hours or more.

5. Wooden Pellet Machine spindle warranty for more than two years, there is free replacement fracture, bear the freight.

Wooden Pellet Machine

6. Wooden Pellet Mill empty shaft warranty for more than three years, there is free replacement fracture, bear the freight.

7. Wooden Pellet Mill main gear warranty of more than five years, there is a free replacement of quality problems, bear the freight

8. Adapt to the biomass raw materials, either a single material, or any proportion of raw materials mixed biomass can be normal production.

9. Production of a ton of particles less than 65-80 degrees of power consumption, does not allow more than 80 degrees / ton.

10. Particle density greater than 1.1-1.3.

11. Roller bearing grease should be ordinary grease, the price is not higher than 20 yuan / kg, consumption less than 100 grams / day.

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