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Classification of Granulator

May. 05, 2018

Hongxing supplies high quality wooden pellet mill and Pellet Mill Spare Parts with high quality. In this article, we will talk about classification of Granulator. Granulator series products are commonly used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. Granulators are divided into dry granulation and wet granulation:

1. Wet granulation: The dry powder granulation needs to add binders (such as water, starch, etc.). After granulation, it needs to enter the drying oven for drying. Commonly used in the manufacture of granules, such as cold granules, Banlangen granules, beverage granules, traditional Chinese medicine granules, chicken essence, water dispersant and other tens of thousands of materials.

2. Dry granulation: The dry powder system can be directly caused particles, no adhesive, no drying. Applicable to the production of tableting granules, increase material accumulation and sealing, change the phenomenon of feeding dust, increase the material emphasis, can also produce large particles with shapes, such as (4-40 mm) round, square, oval-shaped particles. Such as: pressure tablets, milk powder, graphite, additives, flame retardants, starch, ammonium chloride and other tens of thousands of materials.

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