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What Are The Features of Our Pellet Mill Roll Shell?

Dec. 26, 2017

The roll shell is the main spare part of the pellet mill, which belongs to the wearing parts. When the pellet mill roll shell is in serious wear state, the pellet mill can not continue normal operation and needs to replace the new one. In order to improve the life of roller shell, BOBSHELL from the perspective of improving the hardness and wear resistance of the structural design, selection of materials and processing technology.

According to customer requirements, select the appropriate wood model design, in strict accordance with the wood mold - modeling - pouring - insulation - a pit of sand - heat treatment - rough plus refined - packaging and shipping process, casting a high quality system Granulator roll shell.

China Pellet Mill Roll Shell Supplier

Product advantages of Roller Shell for Pellet Machine

1. According to the use of roller sleeve environment, high hardness, good wear resistance;

2. In the roll sleeve production process, the use of a unique heat treatment method, cracking performance is good;

3. In the post-processing, the use of arc gouging, the roller sleeve surface smooth, flat;

4. Roll sleeve factory, the roller surface force test for flaw detection, internal and external quality assurance, safe and stable operation.

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