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Application of Granular Fuel

Feb. 07, 2018

Biomass as a renewable energy storage, its efficient conversion and clean use of increasingly attention by the world. Biomass energy is clean energy. S, N emissions are very low, and C emissions are almost zero. Biomass energy occupies the market quickly under the current social emphasis on energy and environment. So the biological granulator/biomass pellet machine is increasingly popular.

Biomass Pellet Machine

Granular fuel application:

1, Civil heating and life energy: high combustion and utilization, easy to store, easy to use, safe and hygienic.

2, Biomass industrial boilers: as the main fuel of industrial boilers, alternative coal, heavy oil and natural gas to solve environmental pollution.

3, Power generation: can be used as fuel for thermal power generation. Each burning 10,000 tons of biomass fuel can replace standard coal 8,000 tons, reducing SO2 emissions of 160 tons of tobacco to a 4 tons of boiler 3600 tons of coal in the calculation, the use of biomass pellet fuel savings of 1.7 million yuan than coal, the proportion of oil Save costs 4000000 yuan, 2100000 yuan than the natural gas cost of 80 tons of dust emissions, 14,400 tons of CO2 emissions.

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