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How Much Do You Know About Feed Granulator?

Mar. 03, 2018

Feed granulator (also known as: pellet feed pelletizer/feed pellet mill), is a feed pelletizing equipment. It is a feed processing machine that directly presses pellets on crushed materials such as corn, soybean meal, straw, grass and rice hulls.

Product Categories of Feed granulator/pellet feed pelletizer/feed pellet mill

Feed pellet mill, divided into ring-feed pellet mill, pellet feed pellet mill, pellet feed mill. Different feed pelletizing machines differ in their appearance and method of production from sorting.

Use range of Feed granulator/pellet feed pelletizer/feed pellet mill

Feed granulator, widely used in large, medium and small aquaculture, food and feed processing plants, livestock farms, poultry farms, individual farmers and small and medium-sized farms, farmers or large, medium and small feed processing plants.

pellet feed pelletizer

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