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Points of Attention for Compression Selection of Ring Mode

Oct. 13, 2018

Once the  Roller Shell for Feed Machine has sunk hole, the particle size is not uniform
1. Try to choose small particle type for milk pig production
2. For particles with uniform length and length, medium and small models should be selected for production (or the thickness of circular mould should be reduced).
3. If the particle length is required, the hole opening rate of ring mold such as Casting Steel Roller Shell should be reduced; if the particle length is short, the hole opening rate should be increased
4. The length of particles is short with high linear speed and long with low rotating speed
5. For pig granulation, the compression ratio of circular mould is not recommended to be 1:3 or 1:3.5, but 1:4 compression ratio and 1:5 compression ratio actually
Particle hardness differences are limited (the hardness tester may not be able to detect), compression ratios are higher than one or the first, and hardness changes are extremely limited!
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