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Pellet Mill Flat Die: The Complete Guide 2024

Mar. 08, 2024

Pellet Mill Flat Die: The Complete Guide 2024

Are you looking for pellet mill flat die or other pellet mill spare parts? Or looking for the right pellet mill parts suppliers for your project? This article aims to answer your questions in this regard and let us start from the price and features to perfectly match your needs.

BOBSHELL has more than 30 years of experience and is a consumable parts supplier specializing in granulators . Let us take you through everything you need to know about Pellet Mill Flat Die.

Understand the Pellet Mill Flat Die

Pellet mill flat dies are extruder accessories used primarily to produce aquatic pellets such as floating feed, sinking feed, and suspended feed.

The pellet mill flat die of the pellet machine is the core component of the pellet machine. It is the mold for pellet forming. The powdery raw materials are pressed and formed into pellets through the extrusion between the pressure roller and the die.

The structure of the pellet mill flat die of the pellet machine is mainly composed of a mold base, a mold core, a guide plate and an exhaust hole. The mold base is the main body of the mold, which is fixed on the pellet machine; the mold core is the working part of the mold, which is in contact with the pressure roller and is responsible for pressing the raw materials into shape; the function of the guide plate is to guide the raw materials into the mold core; the function of the exhaust hole is to discharge Air and waste in the mold core.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pellet Mill Flat Die

Blocked mold holes: If the mold holes are clogged, it will lead to irregular particle shapes and even failure to form. The solution is to use oil for granulation and extrusion, or to remove the mold and soak it in oil before operation.

Mold wear: Mold wear results in irregular particle shapes and even broken particles.

Mold deformation: Mold deformation will cause the particles to fail to form.

Top 5 Pellet Mill Flat Die Manufacturers


With 30 years of experience and trusted by thousands of customers, BOBSHELL in customizing feed and biomass machine parts

Product Range: 

Pellet Mill Flat Die

Pellet Mill Ring Die

Pellet Mill Roller Shell

Ring Gear

2. Flatdiepelletmill

Maintenance is necessary for every machine after working for a period of time.Flatdiepelletmill supply pellet mill parts including pellet mill dies,pellet mill rolls,roller shells, bearings,shafts,etc.

Plenty of pellet mill parts are in stock.If you need customized spare parts, they provide flat die granulator accessories to their customers at low prices.

Product Range: 

Pellet Mill Die

Pellet Mill Roller

Shaft and Roller Shell


3. Wood Pellet Mill

It is a manufacturer of biomass granulators and related equipment with 12 years of experience around the world and has projects implemented in Hungary, Sweden, Malaysia and other countries.

Product Range: 

Pellet Cutting Knives

Pellet Mill Die

Pellet Mill Roller

4. Pellet-dies

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing granulation machinery, Hongxing Machinery Co.,Ltd has the knowledge and experience to provide advice and solutions to its customers, providing them with the highest quality parts customized to their unique requirements. They produce pellet ring dies up to 1.5 meters in diameter with apertures ranging from 1.5 to 24 mm.

Product Range: 

Ring dies

Flat Dies

Roller Shells


Extruder Dies

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