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Knowledge Of Ring Die Installation

Aug. 27, 2018

Ring mold such as Wood Pellet Mill Roll Shell is the key part of granulator and the most vulnerable part of granulator. According to statistics, ring mold loss accounts for more than 25% of the total production workshop maintenance cost, and it has a direct impact on the quality of extruded pellet feed. Therefore, it is of vital importance for feed producers to understand the characteristics of circular dies and to properly select, rationally use and effectively maintain them.

The installation methods of ring mold mainly include face mounting, cone mounting and hoop mounting. The direct mounting is simple and the annular mold is not inclined easily, but the fixed bolts of the annular mold are easy to cut, which is not suitable for large size granulator. Conical mounting ring mould centering performance is good, transfer torque is big, ring mould fixing bolt is not easy to cut, but needs to assemble carefully and master certain skills, otherwise the ring mould assembly slanting. Hoop type installation is more suitable for small type granulator, easy to install, short time, the drawback is the asymmetric ring die itself, can not be used off the surface.

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