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The Revolution of Household Small Feed Pellet Machines

Oct. 27, 2018

The appearance of household small feed granulator which include Feed Pellet Machine Roller Shell is of great significance.

In the past, the feed was generally processed into powder and then fed, which was caused by inconveniences in feeding, poor palatability, siping of livestock and low utilization rate. With the advent and popularity of new small pellet feed machinery, powder feed can now be easily processed into pellet feed. It can be powered by lighting electricity, which can be pressed out of the mold hole to make granulation under the extrusion of pressing roller. It can easily adjust the grain size, with simple structure, small occupation area, low noise, and 220v single-phase electricity

In the process of granulation, there is no need to add water and dry, and the natural temperature reaches about 75 degrees, which can make starch gelatinization, interior maturation of granules deep penetration, smooth surface, high hardness, and long-term storage. Grains such as rice, wheat, beans, corn and other feed, because of the hard shell and epidermis, not easy to be digested and absorbed, therefore, must be crushed or ground before feeding.

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Feed Pellet Machine Roller Shell

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