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Working Principle of Ring Module

Aug. 30, 2018

As a China Ring Die Suppliers, We want to say the annular mold is driven by the motor through the reducer, installed in the annular mold pressure roller does not revolve, but because of the friction with the rotating ring mold (through the pressure material) and rotation. The fine material entering the pressing chamber is divided evenly between the pressure roller, which is compressed by the clamping roller, and extruded continuously through the annular die hole, forming columnar particles and rotating with the annular die, which are cut into a certain length of granular feed by the cutting knife fixed on the outside of the annular die. The circular mould and the roller at any contact point have the same linear speed, and all its pressure is used for granulation.

In the normal working process, there is always friction with materials. With the increase of material quantity in production, the ring modulus wears away gradually and finally leads to failure. Therefore, one of the indexes to measure the working performance of ring modulus is production. However, in the actual production process, most ring modules fail before reaching the theoretical production capacity.

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