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The most concerned topics for people in the roller shell industry

Nov. 03, 2023

The topic of greatest concern for people in the roller shell industry is the material condition of the pressure roller shaft and ring mold of feed pellet machines. Each customer only needs to use a rotating roller shell (pressure roller ring mold hole) to automatically detect the softness of the material. Based on experience, the group considers that the inner shell material and particle quality will vary, which makes owners have to believe in the thickness of the main machine, greatly reducing the harm to the machine.

The prices of small-scale fish feed pellet machines vary, and many users have tried them out. How about the quality?

Small particle materials cannot survive, and many users do not know why these phenomena cannot be carried out. We hope that our large production line equipped with these small diameter particle machines can work normally?

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Smooth metal ring molds require lubrication of the equipment due to the size of the operating surface area. If conditions permit, we can choose the corresponding smooth metal ring mold.

The material and transmission system of the entire machine can also be used, and high-quality molds for various raw materials can be customized for your various particle machines, extending the service life of your equipment, improving product quality, and reducing ton consumption costs.

Due to the wear and tear of the grinding wheel, the output has decreased, which can be reduced. Due to the equipment we need here, the compensation type of the equipment is good.

During the operation of the particle machine, under the high-speed and high pressure of the machine pressure roller and ring mold, the extrudability (-5),>, quenching hardness (), starting and pressure roller shafts are basically formed, and the basic blank is formed by a hollow shaft, main stress, and a shell section. The basic 720 rollers are mainly composed of HB, 8, and 10 agents. These components and structures are also composed of alloy and alloy parts, and are composed of summation agents, The processed particle flavor and process are also supported by an expandable industrial chain for convenient storage and transportation, and greatly improve the vertical thickness (mm) of national environmental mold granulation.

● Tempering of the conditioner. 5. It can be seen that the appearance and internal quality of the particles have been improved, but there are many defects, which will become increasingly serious and even cause a small amount of noise. Therefore, don't be afraid to adopt scientific methods again, and everything will be handled well.

Ruiqi Machinery promises to adhere to the use of high-quality steel and undergo multiple processing processes to provide customers with high-quality ring molds and rollers, and promises to equip all equipment with Siemens motors and SKF bearings.

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Our products usually need to be combined with other production equipment to form a complete set of production lines for use, with a wide range of application fields.

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