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The seller must pay attention to these points about the roller shell

Nov. 03, 2023

Sellers must pay attention to these issues regarding the roller shell. Generally speaking, there is no market purchase.

This is not just a feed production line, but a very important issue. Many users are purchasing a vertical ring mold pellet machine for the first time, and we have signed a big name here. The mechanical proportion production machine is a mechanical equipment for processing feed. This type of machine equipment includes: feed granulator, crusher, vertical ring mold granulator, etc. If the manufacturer or before, this machine equipment is a regular particle machine. This type of machine equipment includes: fish feed machine, sheep feed pellet machine, straw feed pellet machine, sulfur barley, soybean meal, corn, rice husk, peanut husk, wheat straw, palm husk, sawdust, bark, etc. This type of feed pellet machine equipment can process common feed ingredients into different types of pellets, but sometimes when we are doing it, this machine equipment cannot happen.

If you ask whether it is really due to the soaring work or good work, and whether the sale of biomass is normal, and this often happens, but the absolute reason is that there is a problem with the particle opportunity. That's why it was adopted and processed by the dragon.

Feed pellet machines have always been the preferred equipment for large animal husbandry farms in Tibet, Inner Mongolia, and other regions. They are available here and were previously used in feed factories. Therefore, the feed pellet machines here are open and capable of producing pellets, which are available every day.

The customer is here, which is a relatively low configuration for each long-term production of crop straw particles. However, due to long-term work, this staff member has independently developed and made great progress in many aspects, and there are differences in many aspects. This time, new and old customers are welcome to visit and inspect, hoping that they can make personal granulation requests for this granulator.

This set of feed granulator mainly consists of six parts: corn straw granulator, flat mold granulator, horizontal ring mold granulator, spiral elevator, bucket elevator, countercurrent cooler, waiting granulation silo, grass powder silo, pulse dust collector, and zigzag iron remover.

roller shell

The main motor power is 90kw, the B stem hammer type crusher, and the overall power is 15kw. Our company mainly uses a granulator with a granulation output of about 11-15%, which is suitable for various feed factories and breeding farms. If you have any questions, you can contact us through the following methods

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