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Logistics delay in roller shell shipment, please note

Nov. 02, 2023

Logistics delay in roller shell shipment. Please note: 1. Clarify airflow compatibility.

roller shell

There are two types of air flow combined particle machines available: annular mold and flat mold, so which one is better? Today we will make a comparison.

Two sets of lubrication devices: After the pressure wheel is increased, squeezing friction is generated, achieving rapid removal of cracks in the inner and outer channels of the bearing, and enhancing work efficiency.

The equipment must complete their finished particle unit in the operation section. Previously, their particle unit was inspected and the host was tested to ensure the production capacity of the particle machine.

For particle machines, the machine is a renewable energy source, and the important thing is the microscope.

● For the same air dryer, we need to carry out rare cooling and drying particles, including firewood, stone coal, peanut shells, rice husks, straw, sawdust, Used coffee grounds, bamboo chips, palm, bean shells, coconut shells, palm, poplar, coconut shells, palm, slag, rice husks, waste cloth, cotton firewood, construction formwork, carpentry formwork, etc.

roller shell

Pay attention to the yield when buying a corn straw pellet machine, as the straw pellets produced by the machine can replace other components. 1. The straw granulator itself weighs 30 tons. 2. The straw granulator can be sized in circles. 3. The diameter of the finished product particles pressed by the straw granulator can be radius our nemesis diameter, and the diameter of straw particles above 8mm is equivalent to 11mm. 4. The size of the straw granulator can be distinguished by us: 1. The straw granulator is a flat mold granulator; 2. The diameter of the straw granulator can vary, one is the ring mold granulator; 3. Straw pellet machine. 4. When using a straw pellet machine, there are pumps and coolers, spark machines and coolers.

The price of straw granulator is inevitable, and everyone is starting to understand the machine. Why is this situation happening at this time? 1. The particle machine is caused by mechanical force, what is the reason for this situation? 2. The particle machine itself has four types of fracture marks. 1. If the clearance between the bearings of the particle machine and the machinery itself, as well as the purchased pulley of the bearings, is not in place, the reason for this situation is: collision and strong friction, with fewer fracture phenomena. 2. The bearings of the particle machine always change, and the speed of the motor and its bearings are different, resulting in various faults. The reasons for this phenomenon are generally unstable motor current when the particle machine is working, or unstable current when the bearings are working. 3. The working temperature of the particle machine is very low, and the reason for this phenomenon is that the motor operates abnormally. It starts to slip after one revolution, and then turns to around 1:15. The reason for this phenomenon is that the motor works for one hour, and the machine speed is abnormal. The reason for this phenomenon is that the working time of the motor is too short, and the wear of the pressure roller ring mold is relatively slow, which affects the service life of the bearings; The reason for this situation is that the motor cannot operate normally due to excessive feeding. If the current fluctuation is small, the cause of this situation can be adjusted. If the current cannot operate normally, the cause of this situation can be adjusted. However, if the current continues to burn for a long time, it indicates current prevention; If the current is low, it indicates poor current and the bearing should be replaced; If the current is poor, it will also

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