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Changes in the situation of the roller shell industry

Oct. 26, 2023

The situation in the roller shell industry has been successfully transformed, with stable quality and implementation of output.

The best ring mold hole processing equipment and the best ring mold material.

The ring mold granulator adopts a mechanical forced feeding method, which rotates at a high speed and is centrifugally distributed into the granulation chamber. The material is distributed through a scraper, resulting in uneven feeding; The flat mold granulator vertically enters the compression chamber based on the weight of the material itself, and can evenly feed the material.

For needs, the ring mold granulator can use a screw conveyor equipped with an automatic micrometer (water content not exceeding 10%), which can be considered as the discharge port and motor power (kW semi-finished product) to meet the production needs of different materials.

From the perspectives of energy security, production requirements, type and material requirements, and various energy demands, computers and roller assemblies can be used to meet the production requirements of main materials and meet the production requirements of biomass pellet machines for the vast number of users.

Ningxia Biomass Pellet Machine Investment Biomass Pellet Machine New Energy Environmental Protection Equipment Biomass Pellet Machine Investment Biomass Pellet Machine Update Plant Quality Pellet Machine Selection, Drying, Cooling, Packaging, and other contents are synchronized and sound environmental protection and economic development, achieving a fundamental new way of achieving natural biomass granulation, low-carbon environmental protection, effective, and sustainable development. Biomass Pellet Machine Equipment has a market share.

Based on the particle machine, the ring mold is polished by Bess, and the suitable mold hole diameter, mold hole shape, hardness, and Bi type specifications are determined through the analysis of the wear resistance of the quick release hybrid pair. The manufacturer is satisfied with this and has created a good market share that meets the majority of particle material ring molds in the industry.

roller shell

● Electric control method of the particle machine: 1. The particle machine is equipped with 16 ring molds of different sizes. What are the core components included in this unit? During granulation, a certain aperture can be used to prevent the impact of the airflow generated by a single particle on the surface quality of the plastic slag in the entire granulation chamber. Different granulation machines can be processed to ensure the quality of the granulation machine's discharge. At the same time, different granulation products can be selected according to different materials.

● Electric control method of raw material mixer: The feed pellet machine adopts roller differential and roller differential to extrude the products entering the unit, ensuring smooth discharge without coal powder or irregular impurities, ensuring the smooth completion of the granulator.

The weight of the entire machine design is not light: After the entire granulation unit is completed, we can wipe the raw materials clean with waste paper, and then transport them to the granulation machine using a belt, which is then completed by the feeder.

The particles produced by the particle machine have high hardness, smooth surface, and internal ripening, which can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

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