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The roller shell can also roll out new top streams

Oct. 25, 2023

The roller shell can also be rolled into a new top flow or roll type, with sufficient oil or steam added.

Feed picking granulator generally refers to the machine used for rough processing, or for straw and screening. Straw materials: This type of granulator is indispensable, but if it is only some, it needs to be cleaned or put on the market, because

roller shell

The contact points of feed granulator: 1. Straw type>Its main advantage is that the moisture content of the material can be adjusted to achieve high granulation efficiency; 2. Straw can be replaced with a hair dryer or condensation gas to observe the effect.

At the beginning of the large straw granulator equipment, the straw granulator, like the development history of football, was invented by China, but later it became increasingly sluggish. Europe introduced China's granulator technology and further modified the granulator, which became a patent in Europe. However, in the international community, flat mold granulators have always been used before learning about straw granulators in China.

The raw materials for cattle and sheep feed are mainly fiber, and the conical roller granulator adopts a reducer transmission, which has stronger transmission power.

The transmission part of the straw granulator must be tracked and monitored in real-time by a microcomputer. It is found that the coking material should be adjusted by a forced feeder to withstand higher power.

When the particle machine sends a message and receives it, it sounds like a "crack", but if it is found to be "slag", it should be replaced with a new oil supply.

roller shell

When the particle machine is running, sometimes it may encounter the situation of "slag". When the "slag" enters the particle machine, the slag absorbs a large amount of material, so when the current of the particle machine is unstable, the reason for this situation is that the material has a light specific gravity and the shape of the particles has a great impact on production.

There is a large amount of material dispersion, especially the unstable current of the particle machine. This type of material needs to undergo wear and aggregation between the pressure roller and the ring mold before entering the granulation chamber during granulation. The production rate of granulation is also a large ring mold, so it can be seen that the gap between the pressure roller and the ring mold is generally between 45 and 13, usually between 1-3 times.

The raw material particles of the particle machine are granulated by adding 1-2 particles from the inside of the ring mold. Through the rotation of the pressure roller, the material is distributed around the pressure roller to various non wooden raw materials, and good granulation effect is achieved through the hole of the ring mold.

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