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Promising Potential: The roller shell Industry Leverages the Market to Achieve Leap Forward Development

Oct. 23, 2023

Gongyi is the fastest growing supplier of airflow dryers in the roller shell industry, with significant potential to achieve leapfrog development through the market.

Gongyi Airflow Dryer Supplier Innovates Agriculture and Forestry Machinery, Determined to Work Hard and Open a New Bureau to Serve More Gongyi Customers!

Innovative supplier of low-carbon environmental protection and Gongyi ring mold feed pellet machine, determined to work together to build a dream, and innovative agricultural and forestry machinery welcomes friends from Gongyi!

Would you choose a drum chipper manufacturer for Gongyi livestock and poultry feed pellet processing with a strong learning ability and craftsmanship spirit?

roller shell

The internet is urging new students! Gongyi Wheat Bran Feed Pellet Pressing Horizontal Ring Mold Pellet Machine Manufacturer Innovates Agriculture and Forestry, Never Forget Our Original Intention to Build Dreams!

Innovating agricultural and forestry machinery to jointly build dreams through solid work, innovating the enterprise concept of solid work three guarantees or particle machines, innovating agricultural and forestry machinery to jointly build dreams through solid work, innovating the core products of the production line of solid work three guarantees and compression loading and unloading vertical ring mold particle machines for agricultural and forestry machinery, specialized rice husk particle machines 560 particle machines/250 particle machines/vertical ring mold particle machines, specialized vertical ring mold particle machines, and accumulating waste agricultural and forestry materials in China, Nitriding particle machine Small particle machine, stable, clean, and renewable; The sawdust pellet machine is mainly suitable for cotton stalks, small boilers, diesel engines, and square dryers. It is a compression testing furnace that can directly generate electricity. We can customize various raw materials according to the different needs of users to achieve their new goals.

The main transmission adopts high-precision gear transmission, and the ring mold adopts a quick release clamp type, which increases the output by about 20% compared to the belt transmission type.

The transmission part of the entire machine adopts high-quality imported bearings and oil seals to ensure efficient, stable, and low noise transmission.

The internationally advanced compensated serpentine spring coupling has novel, compact, safe, and low fault performance.

On the basis of traditional granulation machines, the work intensity of the main working parts is strengthened in terms of materials, heat treatment, and other processes, in order to meet the granulation requirements of biomass particles. Due to the increased requirements for materials, the entire machine weighs more than 1 ton more than equipment from other manufacturers in the same industry.

The granulator has made a significant breakthrough in the field of ring mold, mainly improving the characteristics of ring mold cracking prevention, high yield, long usage time, simple operation, and convenient maintenance;

The granulator is an important equipment in the entire feed production line. Due to its strong production capacity, simple structure, convenient maintenance, and easy operation, it is a new type of product made from electric heating packaging and precision feed processing; The feed processing equipment composed of three combinations of "high standards, strict inspection, high efficiency, energy conservation, and low rate" is mainly superior to the three types of increased particles such as ring mold compression ratio and pressure wheel bolts. Moreover, the granulator boiler is also made of basic high-quality alloy steel production materials, which can be sorted according to demand or processed by other types of feed.

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