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Hand held instruction on how to choose a flat die manufacturer

Oct. 23, 2023

Hand held instruction on how to choose a flat die manufacturer.

The double pressure roller is mainly arranged neatly on the surface, and this process can choose single stage composition. Each mold hole above a single level has a diameter of 6-8mm, with a diameter of 8-8mm.

The particle machine for the next round is a device with small gears, large gears, spiral extrusion, and other devices. Its outer shell is also made of circular or small block shaped adhesives. Through the circular holes, the material can be evenly supplied and granulated according to different materials.

The feed granulator belongs to feed granulation equipment. It is a feed processing machine that uses corn, soybean meal, straw, straw, rice husk, and other raw materials as raw materials, and directly presses them into particles after crushing the raw materials.

The feed pellet machine is used to make pellets. There are three types of feed pellet machines in our industry, including straw feed pellet machines, wheat bran feed pellet machines, soybean meal feed pellet machines, corn straw feed pellet machines, sawdust feed pellet machines, and cotton straw feed pellet machines.

The multifunctional crusher can crush raw materials, avoiding the harm of straw, and process them into particles for convenient storage and transportation.

flat die

Applicable to all types of furnaces and to a certain extent rust free, with good combustion efficiency. Our company provides production and testing, and provides reference for domestic and foreign furnace manufacturers.

This machine has a variety of added functions, mostly using biomass fuel composed of stoves or boilers, effectively removing various types of smoke and dust, solving the hidden danger of straw fires in Sichuan, solving the compact resource structure of China, and also solving the problem of large-scale boiler damage at all levels of government.

This machine has multiple added functions, which can improve the combustion speed of raw materials, increase farmers' income, and reduce farmers' income by producing particles.

When adding to this machine, chips, crushing chambers, flat molds, ring molds, flat molds, motors, and automatic ingredient mixing can be used to reduce wear on the machine and improve particle production efficiency.

● All raw materials used in the particle forming system are waste materials, such as rice husks, Sunflower seed shells, peanut shells, and other melon shells; Various wood scraps such as branches, tree stems, bark, etc; Various crop straw; Various chemical raw materials such as rubber, cement, ash, etc.

In the market at that time, consumption was just a type of compass, and based on this, I can see how to choose reliable and versatile products.

The price of sawdust pellet forming machines has greatly increased in recent years in our county and the government's demand for pig farming. In addition, the production, processing, and supply of pellet feed in feed factories have greatly reduced the cost of feed processing machinery. Due to the relatively stable price of feed pellet machines, different feed formulations will have different requirements. At that time, the hardness of feed particles produced here was the most ideal compression ratio for directly pressing particles using crushed materials such as corn, soybean meal, straw, straw, and rice husk.

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