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R&D upgrade in the ring die industry, cultural confidence, and high-end diversion

Oct. 19, 2023

R&D and upgrading of the ring die industry, cultural confidence, high-end diversion, 580, MnTi!

Strengthening color is a nostalgia for the Heilongjiang ecosystem. For specific farmers in HU Qiqihar, after experiencing countless difficulties in cooperation, one day you can obtain the best production capacity, thereby reducing your cooperation time, summarizing experience, and customizing cooperation agreements!

By the end of 2017, the calorific value of biomass Pellet fuel produced by Heidelberg Machinery exceeded the normal operating temperature, which was equivalent to the content of lignite compared with coal. It mainly uses wood chips as raw materials, which are smoked by a boiler before entering the steam compression chamber and gasification furnace. The temperature of the furnace is 160 ° C, and after compression, it enters the liquid compression chamber. After carbonization, it enters the cooling chamber and is then baked for 2-5 minutes. After 90 seconds, it enters the steam compression chamber

The connection surface between the inner ring of the bearing and the shaft is very wide, and there is not much difference in their integration in a certain industry. This difference lies in the fact that this horizontal ring mold transmission uses high-precision gear transmission, which increases production by about 10-15% compared to the belt transmission type.

The size of the ring mold parameters is such a misplaced Glitch. The gear transmission takes a long time, the roughness of the gear transmission is high, and the bearing life of the whole machine reaches (T) 25~04t/h. These all indicate that if the bearing is selected, the equipment life will decline a lot, which can be avoided. If the above screws slip or the new mold will not be damaged.

ring die

The clearance between the inner ring of the bearing and the shaft is also the same, usually caused by the carbon ring mold. If lubricating grease is expensive and low in price, you cannot find a granulator.

Is there a problem with the small mold during its first use when the gap is too small in such a situation? What will happen and what are the problems with grinding a new ring mold and pressure roller. Let's solve it.

The clearance between the inner ring of the bearing and the gear is generally 03 to 05mm, and the reason for this phenomenon is not solved. However, we have encountered an unstable problem, and we need to solve it from a general size and shape perspective. We need to use more lubricating grease to thicken it (if problems are found during normal use of electricity), and we need to use a large clearance to solve it.

We often encounter this situation, and many times we have not encountered it at all. Many times we have encountered normal problems. But we have encountered many such situations and encountered many ways to solve this problem. We need enough time to solve, as we often encounter many application problems. If this type of malfunction occurs, the main method is to have a small occurrence and rarely give it to relevant personnel.

When we encountered problems, have you ever encountered them? Please leave your contact information as we have learned a lot. Under normal circumstances, our demand is not only high, but also very high. If you have a complete generator set, we will contact us promptly. If there is such a generator set, we will contact you as soon as possible

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