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The ring die industry has found a new way to break through

Oct. 19, 2023

Has the ring die industry found a new path to breaking through? What can be used for all models?

Explosive fuel pellet machine is a device that develops moist powder into desired particles, and can also crush blocky dry materials into desired particles. The main feature is that the screen is easy to install and disassemble, and the tightness can be adjusted appropriately, making disassembly convenient and easy to clean.

The transmission part affects the prices of the particle industry and is also a hope for the development of the particle industry.

The power transmission coupling is a batch, electric heating cycle test, MPR oil heating and cooling cycle test heated by electric heating, steam heating, and hot air heating.

The method of lubricating oil entering the ring mold inside the pressure wheel: The mold is the heart of the particle machine, and the outer surface size of the ring mold needs to be ensured by 2-3mm.

The gap between the ring mold and the pressure roller: 1. When stopping the machine, as long as the hollow bolt of the pressure roller is changed to avoid damage to the coupling.

ring die

The sawdust pellet machine is a biomass new energy equipment and a granulation equipment for the production of sawdust pellets; Using eucalyptus, birch, poplar, fruit wood, bamboo shavings, and crop straw as raw materials, finished wood shavings are produced through processes such as crushing, drying, screening, granulation, cooling, and packaging. Its finished products are used in biomass power generation, boilers, fireplaces, household equipment, etc.

Correctly adjust the gap between the ring mold and the pressure roller to be between 01~03mm (after the new granulator is started, the pressure roller is in a "quasi rotating" state driven by the ring mold);

ring die

The new ring mold should be equipped with a new pressure roller for use, and the pressure roller must be loosened before and tightened after fitting with the ring mold. When sharp corners appear on both sides of the pressure roll, the flange of the pressure roll shall be polished with a hand Bench grinder in time to facilitate the good cooperation between the pressure roll and the ring mold;

Before the raw material granulator, it must undergo initial cleaning and magnetic separation treatment to reduce iron pressure into the mold hole. And regularly check the mold holes to see if there is any mold blockage. Timely punch or drill out blocked mold holes;

The plastic deformation of the guide cone hole of the ring mold causes shrinkage, which should be repaired. When repairing, it should be noted that the lowest point on the inner surface of the ring mold should be 2mm higher than the bottom of the overtravel groove, and there should still be an adjustment allowance for the eccentric shaft of the pressure roller after repair. Otherwise, the ring mold should be scrapped

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