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Moving towards the global roller shell market, please do not overlook these

Oct. 18, 2023

To enter the global roller shell market, please do not overlook these granulator accessories, as they are all stainless steel processed and also have the most small footprint and high production capacity of raw materials. Entering the particle workshop gives you a sense of peace of mind, such as facing deep pits or coming up from the refrigeration end, because it is absolute and can be made into rollers through restrictions, fibers, and other means. However, if you do not use this set, you can add a small amount of raw materials, such as wood chips, bamboo chips, straw, rice husks, peanut shells, cotton sticks, branches, bark, etc. There may be many customer cases through machine testing. For the above results, a comparative analysis of the reasons is hoped to be helpful to you.

The ring mold is the main accessory of the granulator, and the ring mold is the main component of the granulator. Without the experience of vertical ring molds, it is easy to granulate. Therefore, improving the service life of the equipment is also the most important concern for users.

To operate and maintain the environmental mold correctly, it is necessary to: 1. frequently add oil to the oil machine, 2. frequently apply excessive oil pressure to ensure consistent hardness of particles and output. 2. frequently maintain stable material density and ensure stable development of the granulator.

Maintenance ring mold: This machine adopts reinforced frequency conversion speed control feeding; Forced feeding; Hoop type ring mold; All imported bearings and oil seals are used in the transmission box; An external thin oil lubrication cooling circulation system that integrates cooling, filtering, and oil cut-off alarm (optional), forcibly lubricating each main bearing; The serpentine spring coupling with large compensation capacity transmits power, etc.

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