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The roller shell industry has entered a stage of platformization development

Oct. 17, 2023

The cylinder shell industry has entered the stage of platform development, and has experienced creep growth, providing one-stop ring mold parts for the development of Gongyi Xiaoyi Mingyang Machinery Factory.

The feeding port can be directly fed and side ring molds can be used as needed, with dedicated ring molds, pressure rollers, and discharge cylinders such as ring molds provided. There is no need to worry about issues such as wear, uneven powder, and uneven particles caused by material movement.

The U-shaped ring mold can reduce contact with the machine body by using extrusion with the casing, ensuring uniform material distribution and ensuring material production.

The inner ring can effectively improve the use of a small amount of ring molds when the particle compression is insufficient, reducing the pulverization rate of the material during particle compression and reducing the particle yield.

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