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The Most Powerful Flat Die Factory

Oct. 10, 2023

The most powerful flat die factory.

flat die

Die is one of the main working components of the ring mold particle machine, used for processing various biofuel particles, animal feed, and other particulate matter. The 420 type punch has a long service life. Our company strictly follows the customer's drawings or samples.

flat die

The flow pool method can eliminate various solidified biomass particles such as shrimp feed, fish feed, shrimp feed, vegetable oil, sorghum, peanut shells, cotton stalks, and large palm.

What are the methods to improve the energy structure? Contact our sales personnel for the Yuanfeng type feed pellet machine.

The feed pellet machine and the pressure roller rotate at a uniform speed, and the working state of each instant is basically equal. If the amount of material fed remains constant, the energy consumption should also be relatively stable, and the current should be relatively stable when reflected on the motor. Therefore, the operation of the feed pellet machine plays an important role to a large extent. The size of the feeding amount is basically equal, but at this time, only a fixed pressure roller can achieve the effective length of the mold hole, which is closely related to the demand of our daily life and work.

In addition to the commonly used feeding methods, the production process of pellet feed occurs every 2-5 months. The moisture content of biomass particles is basically equal, but if we do some efficient work methods, we need to consume a lot of manpower and resources, which are immeasurable. When making biomass particles, we need to consume a lot of energy, so as long as we have time to do things, we need to do them very well. So what are the specific methods for testing?

Usually, some general motors and speed motors are used. The internal structure of this series of motors is a circular plate, which is composed of two ends and a surface production method. By increasing the rated output of the motor, the cost of bearing use can be reduced.

When the sawdust pellet machine needs to replace the ring mold, the original feed should be extruded with non corrosive oil to reduce the service life of the ring mold and improve the discharge efficiency. This method is definitely non biodegradable, as abnormal reducer discharge may occur when making fuel pellets. It is very important to maintain good speed.

When the sawdust pellet machine needs to replace the ring mold, the original feed should be extruded with non corrosive oil to ensure smooth discharge when used again, and to prevent unstable discharge of the ring mold during the use of the sawdust pellet machine.

The ring mold is one of the main components of the sawdust granulator, which greatly affects the production capacity and product quality of the machine. Therefore, the selection of the ring mold is very important for the use of the sawdust granulator

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