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How to Choose a Good Flat Die Distributor

Oct. 10, 2023

How to choose a good distributor for flat dies.

The process of prying open the ring mold is generally more agricultural for daily grain machinery, with straw as the main raw material, which greatly affects the production capacity and yield of the particle machine. Therefore, we must improve the fertilizer rate in agriculture and become the main straw charcoal market now.

Advantages of straw particle mechanism manufacturing: 1. The main shaft and connected hollow shaft adopt an overall design, with stable transmission, heat dissipation, low oil consumption cost, and low failure rate

flat die

The two units are generally 10-15 types, with 18KW specially treated, ultimately improving the service life of the ring mold.

The pellet machine mold is an important part of the granulation equipment. Whether it is a ring mold pellet machine or a flat mold pellet machine, if it is not repaired in a timely manner during the production process, it is easy to cause particles and a series of faults. The disadvantage is that the pressure roller is worn or the pressure is not high enough, and the pellet machine mold is uneven in wear. The solution is maintenance.

The flat mold granulator is designed by Hibiscus, which is specially used for rough processing, such as various crop straws such as wood chips, sawdust, rice husks, cotton stalks, weeds, etc., domestic garbage, factory waste, low adhesion rate, and difficult to form materials for granulation, and specialized straw, fuel, packaging, tons, dung, waste, straw, Sunflower seed shells, peanut shells and other non wood materials such as wood chips, waste plastics, drugs, and food waste belts for rural breeding, It can also be used in biomass power plants for compound fertilizers.

Smooth: The roller shell on the main shaft is sensed by the entire granulation system by the microcomputer to make necessary adjustments by the power department.

Design and install a jacket conditioner, a specially designed cooler, and the cooled material is compressed from the hot gas cleaner slag of the mechanism. Through a quantitative conveyor, the powder enters the flat plate. Through the quantitative conveyor, the heat is reduced, the service life of the components is extended, and the production cost of granular feed is increased.

Empty shaft structure: It is composed of a comprehensive motor and steam. Compared to a flat mold particle machine, it is suitable for smaller particle materials and also has the characteristics of fast discharge, uniform mixing, pollution-free, easy operation, and long service life.

Particle equipment, crushing equipment, drying equipment, mixing equipment, screening equipment, packaging equipment, combustion equipment, conveying equipment, cooling equipment, and other equipment.

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