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What methods are used to conduct market research on roller shells

Oct. 02, 2023

What methods are used to conduct market research on roller shells.

Adopting a new structure for grinding, the parts are evenly delivered to the main shaft with steam, and the pressure rollers are vacuum quenched, greatly improving the service life of the accessories;

roller shell

Adopting a series of large modulus gears and large differential shaft rotation, new ring molding granulators, new pressure rollers, various ring molds, and various shells, various blocks such as membranes, and various shells, the particle models are composed of particle models. Some are used for designing feed particles, while others are used for production, processing, design, and processing.

Model: MZLH420 2:15-3 15 MZLH<HGJ - TCZL 815-815 815 such as 815 ×,  580 such as: 15 φ 1. 5 φ thirty-five × Embryo.

The feed granulator mainly consists of a feeder, mixer, crusher, PX series feed granulator, and a crusher. The previous device is opened for feeding, with intense feeding and high production efficiency.

The welding next to the pellet feed machine is made of stainless steel, used for granulating materials such as corn, soybean meal, plant meal, cottonseed meal, etc.

The 420 horizontal ring mold granulator is a new type of biomass feed granulator produced by Jingrui granulator, with high-precision gear rotation. This machine is characterized by energy conservation and high yield, and can process various materials, such as grass, crop straw, corn, soybean meal, corn cob, straw, rice husk, peanut husk, leaves, sawdust, bark, etc.

Biomass refers to discarded materials such as sawdust, straw, rice husk, waste plastic film, and urban life waste, which are selected, crushed, dried, ground, and shaped to form particles or waste derived fuels. It is a second-generation biofuel that does not compete for land with grain or food with humans.

Biomass pellet machine is a device that converts agricultural and animal husbandry waste such as corn straw, branches, leaves, husks, and rice husks into fuel pellets. The processing process does not add any preservatives or other drugs, and does not change the internal structure of biomass raw materials.

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