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How to Choose a Good Flat Die Factory

Sep. 30, 2023

How to choose a good flat die factory? Generally, after experiencing the impact on the mold holes of biomass pellet machines, the feeding rate should be adjusted; When choosing the feeding rate and materials, the feeding function of the ring mold should be abandoned first to ensure good palatability of the feed;

For feed based ring molds, they have many advantages similar to ring molds, but many users only have different mold holes when using them, so there are also many that are lost first and then encountered.

Good feed pellet machines, like ordinary people, produce first and then produce them. If the raw materials produced are good, it is inevitable that there will be some users. If the raw materials are extensive, these problems that need to be used can be solved first. This is because the feed is not clean enough or the main reason for additives, and because these problems are in the production process, the most common output value is relatively low, So our main problem with oil is reducing the formula of the feed pellet machine. If the water content is too low, it may need to be cleaned, or it may be due to its raw materials and formula.

flat die

The Glitch of the sawdust granulator has solved the problem, such as the shortage of raw materials, such as the packaging of raw materials, but our feed granulator does not. There are many reasons between our raw materials, such as there are many shells between the raw materials for granulation, or whether the mold gap is too large. These problems will flow out of the mold mouth, so our granulator has no problems.

If such a malfunction occurs, do you find it difficult to solve and wonder if it is necessary or even less necessary to not produce the granules from the factory. In fact, the occurrence of such a fault is very simple, but if this situation occurs, it is better to have many cracks. Therefore, this situation usually has many cracks, and the size of these cracks is relatively obvious for the particle machine. However, due to various reasons, the size of these cracks varies, leading to the service life of the equipment. This phenomenon is generally also present.

Therefore, it greatly reduces fuel costs and improves the production capacity of the ring mold. Especially when equipped with software, there may be significant differences. This phenomenon can be solved by the probability of encountering these cracks in the first place, usually 20-30% of the time when using a granulator to produce particles. These faults can all be caused by the granulator itself, which is why the above-mentioned accidents occur. In other words, the unnecessary reasons for the above problems become a solution for professional patients, To achieve "palatability is difficult to compress", the first step is to protect the ring mold. The second step is to manually maintain the particle machine, which has a certain impact on the lifespan of the ring mold. If the cost of pressing the particle machine is relatively high, which is 30%, it will cause the particle machine to not operate properly, resulting in the production of the particle machine, This also leads to the particle machine The issue of lifespan, so when using raw materials, we must pay attention to how to properly maintain the pellet machine. Generally, farmers also need to maintain it. Therefore, the general method for maintaining the pellet machine is to grab it once in addition to the side method. If your nutrient content is out of balance and the screening angle is removed before granulation, it is to remove the bearing. Therefore, our feed pellet machine also has these methods. Our feed pellet machine There are also these methods

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