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Inventory common roller shells

Sep. 28, 2023

Inventory of common roller shells: The work line is equipped with a 2-4mm roller shell, which is one of the important components of the granulator. It can reach about 10 tons/hour. However, due to differences in working principles, the pressure wheel shell of the wood chip granulator has good connection function. The pressure wheel shell of the vertical ring mold wood chip granulator is installed on it, which is a characteristic of the granulator developed specifically for materials.

The pellet feed machine has a ring mold and a flat mold, so which one is better? Today, we will compare the flat mold and ring mold of the particle machine. The approach is different, and the production of the granulator flat mold granulator is low.

The ring mold granulator adopts a mechanical forced feeding method, which rotates at a high speed and is centrifugally distributed into the granulation chamber. The material is distributed through a scraper, resulting in uneven feeding; The flat mold granulator vertically enters the compression chamber based on the weight of the material itself, and can evenly feed the material.

The ring mold belongs to high rotational speed and has a high rate of damage during material discharge; The flat mold belongs to low rotational speed and low damage rate.

Working principle of pellet feed machine: The ring mold belongs to low speed, and the damage rate is low when the material is discharged.

For particle machines, although it is necessary to understand the machine content, there are still some friends using it, which is the "automation" process of the machine. If you want to know that this is a very promising one, then don't buy it back. After our granulator has harvested, let's discuss it together.

The ring mold has a high rotational speed and a high efficiency of 135% when materials enter the granulation chamber. However, whether the material passes through the quenching furnace or not, the grinding tool is too high, so it can be heated and heated in the granulator.

Feeding method: When the material enters the steps of the granulation chamber, it is necessary to pay attention not to exceed the load of the main shaft and transmission mechanism, otherwise it may cause wear of the mold, bearings, and pressure rollers, and the output will decrease.

The feeding device transmission system belongs to high-precision gear transmission, and the ring mold is processed using advanced heat treatment technology. It has a reasonable structure, uniform hardness, beautiful appearance, high pressure, low power consumption, and can be thickened according to perforation. It is suitable for various types of feed such as sawdust, straw, bark, sawdust, peanut shells, and other main types of feed.

The equipment encountered our internal corner material and was once again squeezed out, but the output was not as high as that of the gear transmission method. Some things, powerless, hammer type crushers, can only achieve relatively stable results by rotating around the 04580 model.

After this industrial revolution, some people caused particle machine failures due to unstable machine operation, which reduced many failures and also led to normal production of particle machines. If you have any other needs, you can come to our factory to take a look! Our pressure roller rotates at a uniform speed, and the working state of each instant is basically equal. If the feeding amount remains unchanged, the energy consumption should also be relatively stable, and the current should also be relatively stable when reflected on the motor. If the amount of feed remains constant, the energy consumption should also be relatively stable, reflected on the motor, and the current should also be relatively stable.

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