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Highly concerned about the development of the roller shell industry

Sep. 16, 2023

Pay close attention to the achievements of the development of the roller shell industry, which is particularly important for improving technological innovation. We can determine the equipment model based on our actual needs and design it reasonably based on our actual production efficiency.

High precision transmission gears and gear shafts are carburized and quenched, ensuring smooth transmission, low noise, and long service life;

The material of the gearbox and the high accuracy of the transmission holes are guaranteed by the casting technology and CNC machining equipment of professional foundries.

The bearings and oil seals of the main transmission system are of imported high-quality. And a lubrication and return oil system is specially set up to ensure reliable bearing lubrication. At the same time, a lubrication and return oil system is adopted to ensure reliable bearing lubrication.

The connection between the ring mold and the transmission wheel adopts a three piece quick release precision casting hoop, making the disassembly of the ring mold convenient and fast.

The bearings and oil seals used in the ring mold are both high-precision bearings imported from Japan and wear-resistant and temperature resistant fluororubber oil seals imported from the United States. Additionally, a lubrication and return oil system is specially added, which circulates the oil circuit, improving the wear resistance of the material and increasing the service life of the shaft.

roller shell

The ring mold precision commercial transmission system suitable for overseas models in the import zone of the United States is a stainless steel ring mold processing system designed based on the needs of the Chinese market and after years of research and design by our company.

The ring mold is made of high-grade stainless high nickel steel with precision manufacturing, and its unique compression ratio design is reasonable, resulting in better product quality and longer ring mold service life, greatly reducing production costs.

The ring mold adopts internationally advanced compensated serpentine spring couplings, which have novel, compact, safe, low noise, and low fault performance.

Introduction to Ring Mold Products: Our company has been favored by a large number of customers in the domestic market, including various common snake-shaped spring couplings. The manufacturer has also provided four strong magnets and two shredders, each with two pieces.

The trading results of animal feed, aquatic feed machinery, and aquatic feed in the environmental model livestock and poultry breeding farm have been affecting the normal production order of our customers along the way

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