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Highly concerned about the development of the ring die industry

Sep. 12, 2023

Pay close attention to the development of the ring die industry, Gongyi Xiaoyi Mingyang Machinery Factory.

The project Gongyi Xiaoyi Mingyang Machinery Factory has invested in research, development and production of excellent technologies at home and abroad and provided you with customized services. We can work together with you to create brilliance according to the drawings and templates provided by customers.

Hammer shredders are widely used in the research and development and manufacturing of a series of equipment in the energy field, biomass particle forming machines, straw particle machines, sawdust particle machines, biomass drying machines, biomass pulverizers, straw particle machines, fuel forming machines, etc.

Material fuel particles are processed by using pressure rollers and ring molds under normal temperature conditions to form and compact crushed biomass straw, forestry waste, and other raw materials in a cold state. The density of raw materials is generally 01-013t/m3, and the particle density after molding is 11-13t/m3, which is convenient for storage and transportation and greatly improves the combustion performance of biomass.

The combination of two carbon targets and combustible boilers improves the combustion performance of biomass while promoting its combustion efficiency, resulting in an increase in combustion efficiency.

1. Complete the combustion record of biomass fuel, and use fuel surfaces for combustible boilers and power generation to protect the environment, contributing to global economic development.

ring die

Complete the combustion record of biomass fuel, combustible boiler and power generation fuel, and prevent the personal safety of biomass pellet machines. Chemical safety has become the energy source for economic development in the world. In the space of boiler fuel and power generation, combustible boiler and power generation fuel are ideal fuels for ignition and become the driving force for future economic development. Currently, the production of common boilers in the Chinese market is relatively high, The fuel used for combustible boilers and power generation is almost no more than 120000 yuan, which mainly restricts the impact of biomass pellet machines on the environment. The industry of combustible boilers and power generation is expanding. Currently, the main products in the Chinese market are tank wall Jiangshi Yuan brand products, which occupy a certain scale in the market. Currently, the common types of boilers in the Chinese market are: 1. biomass pellet machines, sawdust pellet machines Biomass pellet machines and other types of plastic products.

Before the biomass granulator is connected to the power supply, first check that the ground wire is emitted from the inside of the steam cylinder, and then spray the steam from the dryer through the spray. When the secondary spray enters the ring mold hole, the materials are attached to the inner wall of the ring mold by the rollers, and then form strip disc materials on the inner wall of the ring mold. Users can depend on the materials, but generally there are not many, which is mainly because users have different degrees of coarse powder of finished particles, Due to the low crude fiber content of the finished particle machine and high requirements for the moisture content of the finished particles, there are many commonly used biomass particle machines in the market, which bring great advantages. Therefore, in some large particle machines, reasonable environmental mold manufacturers are selected, but many are not sure what the cause is, such as the use of many types of conditioners in wood chip particle machines, The hardness of the particles produced by these two types of particle machines is generally low. However, if the hardness is high for the same feed particle machine, the corresponding particles should have greater forging performance. However, the indicators of this type of conditioner are different, so it is necessary to adjust the material particle machine

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