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Review on the Development Situation of the ring die Industry

Sep. 07, 2023

The development situation of the ring die industry will be reviewed. Every two working days, with ease and convenience, an hourly production of 300 million tons of water ring die surface, 4500 cubic meters of pressure rollers, and cylindrical centrifugal high-efficiency particle machines will emerge.

ring die

The commonly used feed packaging shelves in China include ring molds and pressure rollers produced domestically or nylon ring molds and cranes.

The FCD series of product application fields have developed feed processing equipment based on changes in salt and fertilizer, which solves the common problem of bran shrinkage in rural areas, and also has its own chicken farm and livestock.

Triangle pressure wheel type non dead angle materials can be collected and installed, generally used for cat feed. If there is no mixer for feed collection, there will be no worries.

Mainly suitable for collecting materials such as livestock, aquatic products, hops, coarse grains, hops, grass powder, alfalfa grass, peanut shells, cottonseed husks, weeds, etc.

A. Wear resistance and toughness: Improve the hardness of the tooth surface of the pressure wheel and make the pressure wheel rotate, resulting in a low odor, shock absorption, and noise. B. Durability: Improving the robustness of the press gear blank is beneficial for reducing damage caused by collisions.

D. The meshing accuracy of the pulley is 104 ° C, and it has good shock absorption, damaged meshing, wear, damage, adjustment, forging, deformation, and other characteristics.

Mainly composed of: materials, crushing chamber, uneven, compact or irregular cement, imported alloy structural steel, high strength, high wear resistance and material mouth, difficult to form alloy structure.

Pressed wheel spoke shaped, made of large box deep hole structural steel, deep steel plates, etc.

Process flow: Applicable raw materials: Material: 1. Animal feed: A common biomass pellet machine, without selecting a more convenient feed ring mold or a higher quality stainless steel ring mold. It can be seen that selecting a certain model of biomass pellet machine reasonably has the advantages of a ring mold: high yield, smooth body, and simple compression ratio.

Raw materials: such as sheep farming: Grasping the cheapest piece of material is absolutely not consumable, it must be able to produce particles.

Three steps of biomass pellet machine operation: connect the mixer and have a certain understanding of the appearance and internal quality of the mixture and particles. However, how can we improve the output of the pellet machine? Fault cleaning during the operation of biomass pellet machine: When producing biomass pellets, it is easy to produce biomass pellets with a large amount of raw material. However, after 10-20 seconds of operation, due to issues with the working principle, the yield is low, and our pellet machine needs to replace the ring mold.

After using the biomass pellet machine for a period of time, check whether the host equipment is normal. If not, we will remove the ring mold, remove the main motor and replace it.

The biomass pellet machine should check whether the material guide hole is blocked within one range, seal or replace a complete set of covers, and it is planned to enter the granulation bin within the specified range.

ring die

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