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The Eight Good Habits in the ring die Industry Help You Take Orders

Sep. 07, 2023

These eight good habits in the ring die industry help you take orders and provide you with high-quality equipment.

VC mixer, spiral conveyor belt, is a double screw mixer specially designed for particle machines. It has the advantages of low investment, high profit, simple operation, small footprint, low noise, simple operation, convenient maintenance, low battery power consumption, adjustable size, low noise, and high thermal efficiency. It is a high-tech product.

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The base reducer is integrated, and the main shaft bearing is lubricated with the reducer's own thin oil, which not only achieves the effect of wheel sliding but also reduces the temperature of the main shaft. The reducer is made of fluorine rubber, which has convenient shrinkage, no fault external additives, and no worries.

The base reducer is integrated, and the main shaft bearing is lubricated with the reducer's own thin oil to achieve lubrication effect and reduce the main shaft temperature. The service life of the reducer is limited, and the structure of the reducer has been improved by ensuring product quality. It is suitable for machinery, aquatic products, workshops, small workshops, assembly, finished product warehouses, fully automatic intermittent and grease spraying systems.

The distance between the hollow shaft end discharge port of the base reducer and the base is not appropriate, resulting in low production and convenient operation.

ring die

The gap between the ring mold and the pressure roller of the shell granulator is not suitable, which increases the friction between the feed and leads to excessive material viscosity, resulting in uneven material distribution and uneven material distribution.

This rotation is not suitable for the temperature of the material, resulting in uneven distribution of the material in the granulation chamber and blockage of the material.

When the feeding amount is too low or too high, it can cause damage to the pellet machine ring mold and pressure roller. Currently, there are also varying degrees of differences in the inspection of the granulation process.

There is no gear transmission for the feeding amount, but due to the traction and humidity of the material being affected, the operating error deviation of the ring mold and pressure roller causes the mold and pressure roller to sway left and right, resulting in different gaps in the entire granulation machine. When the ring mold with multiple apertures appears, it should be eliminated as soon as possible to avoid the obstruction of the internal particle material.

Near the feed inlet of the granulator, lower materials such as straw are pushed into the extrusion state. Due to timely extrusion, the material is formed and the yield is high. However, due to the effective design of the mold holes and the difficulties between the mold holes, the yield is slightly lower

The diameter ratio of the vertical ring mold is the effective length of the ring mold, but due to the large hole area of the mold, the position where the ring mold can only be located is a double layer. The larger the diameter of the ring mold and pressure roller, the greater the space for materials to enter the compression chamber, the less steam generated, and the frequent occurrence of machine blockage. It can take up a large amount of time for the lead screw, and the pulverization rate is high.

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