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The real reason why high prices always defeat low prices in the roller shell industry

Sep. 01, 2023

What is the real reason why high prices always defeat low prices in the roller shell industry? Through a few things.

● Without power. If there is a gap between a convex plate or a weighing roller and the template, or if the granulator is picked up by the roller or knocked out of oil with a hammer.

The gap between the working surface of the pressure roller of the granulator and the template, etc. The softness and hardness of the template granulator are applicable, but due to the quality relationship between the granulator body and the template, effective inorganic loss is carried out on the automatic regulator of the machine and the template, resulting in the pressure roller of the granulator slipping and the efficiency not meeting the expected situation.

● Coupling correction imbalance. The main shaft is equipped with animal materials, and the materials flow freely. However, the coupling is not easy to be damaged due to the grinding of the mating surface of the main shaft bearing and the integral shaft.

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The installation process elements of the pressure roller are considered from the contact point of the ring mold and pressure roller, considering that the material of the ring mold and pressure roller has no order on the service life of the pressure roller. The production process of pellets is caused by excessive wear of continuous operation rollers and ring molds. If at this stage, it is achieved to promptly check the pressure roller and check the fit gap between the pressure roller and the ring mold.

The main shaft of the granulator is constantly tangled, requiring inspection and maintenance. To achieve the sixth level, do not harm the main bearing, this is absolute safety. Baoke Mold reminds everyone that it is necessary to first understand the aging granules of the entire machine to avoid oil quality issues, and it is best to clean them up to ensure the normal operation of the granules, so as to ensure the remaining resources.

Every 5 months during the working process of the pressure roller of the granulator, the equipment should be regularly inspected to ensure that it meets the standards every month. Generally speaking, it is necessary to conduct inspections based on the parameters of the parts and conduct physical examinations.

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The pressure roller of the granulator needs to work continuously for a long time and must not slow down during the full circle of the moon. In order to ensure the forming rate and stability of the particle machine, it is also necessary to pay attention to the positive trajectory of the cutting blade, blade, and mixing to form the particle machine. Otherwise, the produced particles are smooth, beautiful, and complete, and there is no production process to speak of.

When necessary, the pressure rollers of the granulator should be spaced and matched evenly. Before doing so, please carefully check the gap between the pressure rollers and the ring mold. The gap between the pressure rollers should also be 5-7mm. This not only protects oneself, but also reduces the working time of the pressure roller ring mold and reduces the workload of workers.

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