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How much capital does this roller shell market attract

Aug. 29, 2023

The roller shell market has attracted a lot of capital. The feed granulator ring mold and pressure roller are important components of the granulator and an important component of the granulator. Due to the unreasonable aperture ratio of the ring mold and the high ripening degree of the pellet feed, while the aperture ratio of the ring mold is large, it is easy to block the machine when selecting and using the aperture space of the ring mold; The aperture of the ring mold is relatively small, so it is very important to deal with the failure rate. It is easy to block the machine if there is no fear of feeding or oil leakage at the feed inlet. Generally speaking, steam generators and machines use a water ring mold surface just to increase steam. However, if the feed is easy to block the machine, the working pressure of the machine is also high. So, first open the interior, usually using a large door granulator to prevent tempering.

roller shell

Some chicken feed production lines can be made based on the variety, production size, and size, but in reality, they are different. Choosing the appropriate ring mold hole path is also necessary.

The feeding rate of the feed pellet machine must be changed from low speed to high speed, and it is also important to clean the finished product afterwards. If certification is not done, then other feeding materials will be needed.

When feeding the scraper, a small aperture ring mold should be used as much as possible in a series of situations to prevent more materials from entering the granulator and causing no discharge.

If the gap between the flat surface of the feeding scraper and the gear surface is not embedded in a "V" manner, the output and equipment of the granulator indicate that the equipment's lifespan is determined by the day, and the second round is also due to matching.

The selection of hydraulic spring couplings is generally designed based on materials with the same compression ratio and heat treatment of the mold. In addition, due to the high degree of automation of the granulator, the on-site quality can meet the standard.

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